Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Life Updates and Other Bullshit (Part 2)

So yeah remember that last update about all the shit going on in my life? Well now I'm glad I didn't promise to come back to blogging soon because I managed to fall off the face of the planet for another 3 weeks. Gravity sure isn't doing its job recently, ya know?

Well at the end of the last post I said I hoping to move out of my parents apartment? Well like 3 days later I found, looked at and rented an apartment. I literally saw the ad on craigslist, did a walk through of the apartment and moved in on the next day. I move quickly; mostly cause living with my parents, sisters and 3 obnoxious dogs was driving everyone crazy.

Baby Sis is ready to move with me!
 Well the last 3 weeks have mostly consisted of me working like 80000032 hours waitressing, another 30 writing for my other job, and the remaining hours trying to move into the apartment (and also that sleep thing occasionally). Which the apartment is on the motherfuckingthirdfloor so the moving has left me ridiculously exhausted and incredibly bruised. I wish I could show you how bruised my legs are. I've seen dalmatians with less spots than me.

Sadly this moving has left me without TV and Internet for the last 3 weeks. Its been a hard 3 weeks too. I live in the internet and I was going through withdrawals, but happily that has been fixed! And not a moment too soon because my writing job requires me to have internet, so I was tapping into my neighbors internet which was a pain-in-the-ass. 

No food either, this was my fridge until earlier today
If nothing else the new apartment has been great. I can sleep in. I don't have either of my sisters waking me up screaming at 6 am (or jumping on my bed with me sleeping in it). I don't have to fight anyone for the remote control and no one cares if I dance around in my underwear.

Nixon and Kennedy are liking it too

Just as a closing side note: remember that friend I was supposed to move to Charlotte with who backed out (if you don't scroll down and read the last post)? Well his girlfriend broke up with him (over a really stupid thing) two weekends ago; 10 days before the day we had intended to move to Charlotte on. The irony is hilarious.
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