Saturday, August 20, 2011

SMAC: We Love Shelly!

 Hey everyone it's time for everyone's favorite movie review chain SMAC! Except this month instead of doing shitty movies, we're doing Shelly movies! In other words were doing reviews of movies that remind us of our favorite dominatrix porn star sci-fi nerd Shelly! I'm reviewing Chris Pine's Package the new Star Trek over at The Real Mandy Moore and I'm hosting my favorite Chicagoan Lily. You can find the whole list at That Ain't Kosher, but take it away Lils:

 Hi guys! I’m Lily from Is it too early for a martini? And I’m here to do a SMAC post. Unlike most SMAC, this month we aren’t reviewing Shitty Movies. This month, we’re reviewing movies that remind us of our favorite blogger - Shelly! It’s her birthday, that’s why. So make sure you get around to wishing her a happy birthday. 
I’m reviewing Alice in Wonderland. 
It took me a while to think of which one I wanted to review. 
I decided not to do the Tim Burton one … mostly because I’m the only person in the world that doesn’t like Johnny Depp. Yeah, I don’t get the whole “Johnny Depp is so hawt!” movement. Because I don’t think he is. 
There’s also a porn version of Alice in Wonderland. If I had enough time, I’d probably review that one. Except, I’m not too fond of porn either. 
I decided, finally, on the Disney version. And why not? It is the cutest. 
I can watch this version of Alice in Wonderland a million times if I could! All in on sitting. But I think it’s highly impossible. 
Anyways, everytime I see this movie, I think of Shelly. I can replace Alice with Shelly, and the movie would be like 1000000000 X gagillion times cuter than it already is. Trust me that’s like super cute. 
If I were a good artist, I would try to make a cartoon version of Shelly so we could see that she could totes be Alice if she wanted to. But if I tried, I would totally just be a stick figure with long hair.
A few weeks ago, I reread the book the movies is based on… and I kid you not, I imagined Shelly as Alice. It was pretty sweet. And hey, someone as cool as Shelly deserves to have an animated movie about them. 
Happy Birthday, Shelly! I totes helped the Mad Hatter bake that cake.  

Also, don’t forget to vote Shelly for Prom Queen!


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