Friday, August 26, 2011

Life Updates and Other Bullshit

I wish I could tell you that I was doing something fabulous in all the time I haven't been blogging, but if you've been following my twitter feed you already know that I wasn't.Sadly most of my tweets recently have been about how much I need a nap.

Not my actual schedule but it sure feels like it!
Here is the run down of my life recently:

1). A friend of mine approached me about moving to Charlotte, NC. Now I have been talking about moving back to Charlotte for like a year, so after some initial reservations I talked to G-Fab and then jumped at the chance to go. Several weeks of planning later, with about a month to go before the move- my friend backed out. He fell in love or some such nonsense and couldn't do it.

I.Was.Not.Happy to say the least. Not ten minutes after I got this news I had a job interview scheduled, which brings me to...

B). I am now officially a professional writer! I know, someone pays me to write! How fucked up is that? I mean I'd like to think my writing skills are pretty good and all, but frankly I never thought anyone would ever pay me to do it. Before anyone gets super jealous and all, I only get paid 25 dollars a day. I work for a local website and they give me the topics to write about. I don't get to pick my own topics and I don't have a huge word limit, so its not all glamorous or anything. Still I get to put "Writer" on my resume which is probably the biggest ego boost of my life.

Pink Fairy Armadillo). That doesn't mean I get to quit my waitressing job, which has gone into massive overtime recently. For the last month I have been working 6 days a week on ridiculous hours. The last 3 days alone I worked 11:30-9, 10-3 and then 10-10. Then I had to go home and write for my other job and play with my (woefully neglected) dogs. I'm pretty sure I haven't slept in like a month.

38DD). In a quick run down of everything else you might want to know about: I didn't feel the earthquake. Hurricane Irene won't be doing anything but making it really windy at my house. I chewed out this guy, Kenya, I was sort of/kinda/almost involved with. I got a call from a job that rejected me a year ago asking me to reapply (shocking as shit). Also I am apartment hunting in the hopes I can one day move out of my parents house.

So yeah, a lot has happened in the last month.
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