Thursday, June 16, 2011

Who Are These People?

So I know i might have mentioned Online dating once or twice before but it never fails to amuse me. I just don't understand where these men come from. It's like they are all from the planet I'm-never-gonna-get-laid. The recent batch of emails i have received have had me rolling in laughter and texting my home girl Nugs being like "dude are they fucking serious?"

The first two emails have to do with something Nugs wrote on my Profile. Yes, i let my friends create my Okcupid profile because she's fucking awesome at it. Anyways she wrote:
You like smart, quirky women who like to have fun. Aren't intimidated by opinionated women who can take care of themselves. If you are intelligent, I need a guy who knows the difference between Julius Caesar and Little Caesar.
Pretty fucking funny right? I mean i am a history nerd and all. Well these are some of the emails i have received recently:
1. Wasn't Julius Caesar's nickname Little Caesar? Because he was a short statured conqueror from France? 
 *Facepalm* Someone took remedial European History

2. hey Kyle...i love little caesers!!
A. Trust me i can tell since you are at least 300lbs in your profile pic.
B. what the fuck does that have to do with what is written? Did you even read the whole sentence?

3. Julius Caesar, oh you mean that guy back in roman times that was famous for making pizza and defeating rival empires with his fattening up strategy, lol J/K I was checking out your profile and liked what I read, so I figured I'd see if you were up for getting to know me. I have a couple tatts, one that I plan on getting covered with something else. You said you like tatts, do you have any? Anyway, hope to hear from! Have a great night little lady!
 This guy at least seems like he googled Julius Caesar before sending me a message which i appreciate and all. But he lost all credibility when he called me little lady.

So far okcupid is 0-32
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