Thursday, May 26, 2011

Conversations with my Coworkers

I love my coworkers, I do, but we say some of the dumbest shit ever at work. Here's a sampling of actual conversations at my job:

Coworker: My table is contempt
Me: No, no your table is not contempt. They are content.


Me: (talking about another coworker who has a Minnie Mouse voice) I want to call her Squeaky Fromme
*Blank Stares*
Me: You have no idea what i'm talking about. Squeaky Fromme, from the Mason Family.
Coworker: Oh, Marilyn Manson
Me: No Charles Manson, the serial killer


Customer: How do the Mussels come?
Coworker: In a bowl


Me: I'm thinking of dressing up as Molly Ringwald for Halloween
Coworker: who?
Me: Molly Ringwald, you know the Breakfast Club, Pretty in Pink
Coworker: Oh I don't watch old movies

Coworker: Grouper is our mildest fish
*blank stares from customers*
Coworker: You know mildest, it has the most fishy flavor


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