Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Under The Covers: Bulletproof Mascara

TITLE: Bulletproof Mascara

AUTHOR: Bethany Maines

GENRE: Fiction, Spy/Thriller

SUMMARY: With a linguistics degree and no other prospects, Nikki Lanier takes a job with the philanthropic arm of Carrie Mae, a cosmetics company, to get out of her mother’s house. She doesn’t expect the training to involve target practice, intelligence techniques, and identifying explosives disguised as make-up. The Carrie Mae Foundation is actually a network of secret operatives charged with protecting women around the world. Nikki passes her training with flying colors. Her boss, the enigmatic Mrs. M, then pairs Nikki with flinty agent Valerie Robinson and sends them to Thailand to find the missing director of a women’s clinic. Mix in double agents, human trafficking, and repeated run-ins with a charismatic stranger who’s hiding something, and Maines turns in a tale full of surprises. *

ROSE'S REVIEW: What happens when you mix Mary Kay and the CIA? You get Bulletproof Mascara. I was perusing the shelves at Barnes and Nobles when i spotted this book and I knew immediately that i wanted to read it (sadly i couldn't buy it that day due to lack of funds, but i found it 2 months later in the 5 buck bin at Books-a-Million). It sounded like the female James Bond book, and i wasn't disappointed.

Nikki Lanier has it bad. Her degree in linguistics isn't netting her a job and her overbearing mother is driving her nuts. Her mother forces her to go to a Carrie Mae Cosmetics meeting and by sheer luck (or fixing) she wins a Carrie Mae cosmetics bag. When her first sales meeting goes horribly horribly wrong (did she really make someone eat lipstick?) Nikki is recruited into the covert spy world of Carrie Mae. Training is tough but she makes it through and onto her first mission with the wildly rebellious Val. Add in human trafficking, the underworld of Thailand, a Mysterious sexy man that keeps showing up and you have one really good read. The book isn't perfect. Sometimes you figure things out way before Nikki does, but that's part of her charm. Bulletproof mascara makes me want to go join Mary Kay in the hopes of netting a covert spy job.


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