Saturday, April 2, 2011

SMAC: Ugh, Nic Cage, You've Done it Again!

So its time for Sucky Movie Awarness Ring for April! I get the Fabulous Shelly from ShellyTalks. Shelly is like my long lost twin in nerdom. She has the Rebel Alliance Symbol Tattooed on her! Girl is like my nerdy soulmate. Plus she is all about Chris Pine's Package. Anyways I'm going to let Shels take it away. If you want to see my Review of National Treasure (which is really an excuse for me to nerd out on History) I'm up at Tab's blog Geeky Ambiguous Me. Take it away Shels:

Oh my goodness I'm on Tit's blog! I've died and gone to virtual heaven! haha! I'm super excited to be on this blog! Can you tell? Why I'm on her blog, I'm sure you're curious. Well! It's time for the Movie Blogring! We have to bash Nic Cage and his horrible acting abilities.

I swear, this guy ruins every single movie for me. He's awful! I couldn't even take a movie that should have been good like "Kick Ass" seriously, because he's just so bad. I wonder what it's like to be part of a huge movie making family like the the Coppolas and be the least talented. Maybe he's always trying to prove himself? Or he hates his family and wants to really run the name through the mud. Either way Mr. Cage, keep it up! Your movies are wonderful to make fun of!

The movie I watched was "Peggy Sue Got Married." It's actually a movie made by his here uncle Francis Ford Coppola. It's also a Buddy Holly song....ANYWAY! The premises of the movie is about Peggy Sue. She married her high school sweetheart, Charlie, and wants a divorce. At her 25th high school reunion, she faints, and when she wakes up she's a senior in high school again. Will she make the same choices? Will she choose a new path? You'll have to watch and find out!

You should see Nic in this movie, he's extra terrible. Not only is he his usual ho-hum self...but he has some weird voice going on. I'm not sure why, and it's actually incredibly hilarious. Like a cartoon character or something. And the really sad part? I have to admit, young Nic Cage, isn't a bad looking dude. Before the weird hair, and possible hair plugs...He wasn't a bad looking guy! Just a horrible actor.

I will also give mad props for his awesome jacket
So since this is a movie review, I am going to recommend you see this movie. No, really. It's so bad, it's good. That and I'm a sucker for Kathleen Turner. I mean, who doesn't like Jessica Rabbit?


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