Sunday, March 27, 2011

SUNDAY PIC: Sinking Ships

So some of you might have heard that my job was having a Build Your Own Boat Race. Essentially the contestants had to build their boats from 9am -3pm behind my restaurant using anything that was never part of a boat. People used styrofoam, duck tape, plywood, coke bottles, etc etc. Then two people had to race the boats from our restaurant to a buoy and then turn around a come back. I had to work the event but i manged to find some pictures that the news took to show you.

 This was the Peanut Shops Boat and the "Sinko-de-mayo" from Dicks Last Resort*

The Flying Fish/All Build Boat**

The Sysco Boat helping out the Bully's Boat before it tipped over***

*from wmbf news story found here
** From SCnow story found here
*** From The Sun News Story found here


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