Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I Have a Problem and His Name is Ebay

So I have an addiction to ebay. Its a very recent addiction as I only recently started making enough money at work to pay all my bills, not live in a cardboard box, not be the poorest person i know and actually be able to by stuff i want. But still a little bit of extra spending cash and what am i doing with it? Not taking my dogs to the vet like i should be or dealing with that stripper who i owe paying off my credit card.

Nope I'm spending ridiculous amounts of time trying to win shit at auctions on Ebay. Ebay is like a void that has sucked me in. In the last two weeks I have participated in auctions for: Bones Season 2, Daria, Chuck Season 3, Daria, Chuck Season 3, One Tree Hill Seasons 1-5, Doggie DNA Test, Chuck season 3 (seeing a pattern here?) One Tree Hill Seasons 1-4, and Chuck Season 3.

Of those I won Bones season 2, and lost EVERY.OTHER.AUCTION. It started pissing me off on Saturday because i kept getting outbid in the LAST 2 SECONDS. This didn't deter me from getting what i wanted though. I ended up buying Daria on DVD through Ebay's buy it now function for cheaper than what i would have got it at auction. So if i disappear for the next two weeks I am probably nerding out on what high school was like in the 1990s with my favorite animated supergirl (yes, i consider Daria a superhero of the sarcastic, honest, smart, unenthusiastic kind).

But seriously Ebay has become a problem, I spend more time watching the little numbers on that site than i do in the 20sb chat! Also, i got the ebay app for my Ipod. I need an intervention. I need to stop. I need to get a life.

But first dammit I am going to get Chuck Season 3 on DVD!
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