Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Drunk and Its not even St. Patricks Day Yet!

Welcome to Karaoke Blog Ring of Death for March, because March is the time for both St. Patrick's day and Spring Break (not to mention March Madness) it was only fitting that our theme is Drunken Songs! I'm being hosted by the wonderful Penny Lane over at The Chronicles of a College Girl (she's amazing, read her blog now!)

I got the horribly funny Bi from Bianca and the B-sides this month. I'm not sure how i haven't come across her before since we have like the exact same bloggy friends, but i'm pretty sure i will now be following her religiously. I except everyone else to do the same. Anyways I'm gonna let her take it away:

HELLOOOOO Karaoke-ers!!  I think you should know that I did this in one take.. Yes, ONE take, because I was a little tipsy and I thought it was just fabulous at the time!  Upon reaching sobriety and watching it back, however, I was totes embarrassed and wanted to be a lame-o and back out, but I just couldn't justify it.  So, here are a few special notes about this performance:

1) Towards the middle, I started getting genuinely fatigued by my antics, so if you hear me panting like a dog in heat, that is why.  
2) You get to meet Little Martin, my totally un-rockstar-ish guitar for a brief period, because I thought I was really bad-ass at the time I picked it up.  

Anywayzzzz, stop on over at my blog, Bianca and the B-Sides, if you'd like to see Alexandra's rocking karaoke performance .  Much thanks to the lovely and talented Coyote Rose for hosting this awful video, you are truly a brave soul.


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