Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Willful Ignorance, Barbarianism and Other Nonsense

So i got a bunch of topics to cover, just bear with me:

1. So I frequent a blogger site, and a lot of my best bloggy buddies have come from it. Recently there has been some drama on the site and my buddies and I have been getting a lot of crap for being "cliquish" and crap. Okay, if by cliquish you mean a bunch of people that have similar interests and personalities. I mean human nature by necessity is cliquish. People naturally gravitate towards other people of similar education/racial/socioeconomic status. It's not being cliquish, its called being human.

2. Furthermore, people need to grow some thicker skin. One of the drama cases was upset because we corrected her spelling. Okay, really? It's the Internet. I've had a person tell me to "go fucking kill myself" on the Internet, if you can't take a little bit of criticism you are in the wrong fucking place. I mean how does anyone go through life getting upset when they get corrected? Do they live in a bubble? Do they work a job where it is all rainbows and fucking puppy dogs and people piss glitter? Cause the real world is harsh and people are douchebags; get a helmet

Subsection A: Also its the fucking Internet. Typo's happen but blatantly using words incorrectly or foolish misspellings just make people look really fucking lazy. It takes less than 30 seconds to google a word on the Internet. Bookmark Merriam Webster.com and be done with it, or get a browser with spell-check. I mean a little red squiggly line comes up under any word i misspell. It makes life super simple. Then you won't look foolish when you use the word "plaid" instead of the word "played" or "desert" and "dessert." No one is expecting anyone to be a genius or to know the difference between the words "consternation" and "conservation" but damn figuring out the difference between there/they're/their isn't that complicated.

Subsection B: Sometimes its not what you say but how you say it. There is a big difference between saying "Haha, fat people are stupid," and saying "Do you think there is a correlation between people being overweight and their education levels, I think there is because X,Y & Z." If you want to come off as offense and a bitch, use the first sentence. It's guaranteed to offend overweight people everywhere.

3. Apparently I'm like a train wreck. So i work with this guy and he has the tendency to tell me i am beautiful or gorgeous (its not just me, he does this to several of the girls at work. He's mostly just being nice and funny) and every time he says it to me, i totally crack up laughing. Then i stopped last night and realized there is something totally fucked up that i start laughing when someone tells me i am gorgeous.  I mean i make jokes about being sexy and having awesome boobs all the time, but i don't actually believe that shit. I guess I'm still the awkward chubby kid from middle school. No fucking joke, you remember Mia in the Princess Diaries? That was me except like 20 pounds heavier with some acne.

4. Fishing is fucked up. No really, think about it. You're just going around minding your own business, when all of a sudden some hook jerks you up by the mouth and pulls you out of your environment. Then you're just flopping around suffocating to death, while some weird ass fucking alien things laugh at your while drinking beer. That's like barbarian. Its such an awful way to go. At least when you shoot a deer its dead in the first like 30 seconds. It's not flopping around for 2 minutes suffocating its lungs out. We're a fucked up race to do this to some poor little fish.

5. Steve (my hair) looks fucking awesome today. I don't know why he is in such a good mood, but i've got awesome Julia-Roberts-in-Pretty-Woman hair except marginally more controlled. I thought everyone should know that.
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