Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snotapocalypse and other nonsense

So my house has the plague. Okay, no not really but its sort of been that way. Someone in our house has been sick every week since before fucking Christmas! That's 6 weeks of sickness! First my mom and stepdad, then baby sis got Whooping Cough. You ever had the CDC call your house? I have. Then Lil' Miss Sis got sick, and I got sick and now Lil' Miss Sis is sick again.  And lets not forget that i am the worst sick person ever. I've been even more bitchy and less tolerable than normal. I just can't handle people's stupidity when i'm fighting off the evil death cold. Plus its like snotapocalypse has exploded in my house. There are tissues everywhere. I have personally been used as a snot rag by Baby Sis at least once. It's beyond disgusting. I mean snot bubbles everywhere!

In totally unrelated news: Henry Cavill has been cast as the new Superman. You may remember him from my people i want to fuck list. Its nice to know that his hot body will now be in bright blue spandex on a movie screen for all to ogle. I'm pretty sure this is going to take my fantasies to a whole new level. Lets just hope they don't cast someone sucky for Lois Lane (like Kristen Stewart).

So the Superbowl is this weekend and while i am still lamenting the loss of my Jets to the Steelers, i am hoping i can use the event to A). watch a really good football game, B). Hang out with some really hot guys and C). Get really drunk. Also i will be rooting for the Packers cause how selfish do the Steelers have to be? Haven't they won enough fucking superbowl rings? Share the Love people! (this coming from a Yankees Fan, I laugh at my own hypocrisy)

Also, i have been made a finalist for Sexiest Blogger on the 20sb bootleg awards. I'm not saying to vote for me or anything because i refuse to whore myself out anymore than i already have. But i do promise that my Karaoke ring of death video more than makes up for it.

Peace out, Bitches!


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