Friday, February 25, 2011

Pretty People Do Get Ahead

So everyone remember my coworker that dropped her pants in the middle of the restaurant? Well she got fired about a week ago for being THE. WORST.WAITRESS.EVER.

No really, I can't count he number of just stupid things she has done between not knowing the food she is serving (seriously, she we went to a table and was like "do you know what kind of fish this is" to the customer) to being unable to refill drinks and just other retarded nonsense. Listen, she is a nice girl. She's sweet and willing to do things if you ask her, but i've met paper plates smarter than this girl. She's just vapid; there is nothing going on up there.

That being said she is gorgeous. She is super skinny and a model on the side. I mean this girl is really really pretty.

And that is apparently enough to get you hired because home girl already has another waitressing job at another restaurant. The girl has been fired from like every job she has (including from Hooters) because she has three pennies rattling around where her brain should be, and yet she has no problem getting hired. I mean all these managers had to do was call any one of her previous jobs and they would have been told not to hire her at all costs.

Being a knock-out apparently circumvents all that.


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