Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Lions and Tigers and Memes, Oh My!

So two of my favoritest bloggers, You're Lucky I Don't Have a Gun and Penny Lane, tagged me in Memes last week and since i'm like a totally lazy bitch I am just now getting around to them.

Anyways, Lucky tagged me in the 5 things you love meme.

So my 5 current loves:

1. My New Twitter Necklace. I know that these necklaces have been mentioned on my blog like ad nauseum now, but i totes love mine. I'm just that nerdy. Plus the comments i have been getting about it are hilarious. I wear it backwards at work so that my coworkers can't see my twitter handle and they keep asking me what its about. One asked me "if i like punctuation?" Why yes, yes I do.

2. Lindor Truffles- These are like a gift from the chocolate gods. So fricken yummy. I happen to be in love with milk chocolate with a white chocolate filling ones. I can eat like a whole bag in one days. I just don't look at the calorie count.

 3. Karaoke Blog Ring of Death (#KROD)- My fellow 20something Bloggers came up with the Karaoke ring of death. The premise is your Vlog yourself singing and/or dancing to some song and then send it to another blogger, who sends theirs to another blogger and so on and so forth. This is my first month doing it and I am totes excited for everyone to see how super retarded and whorey i look in mine.

4. Nyquil- Because i have been a sick bitch for so long that i have gone through an entire bottle already. I swear I am going to be better soon, right? RIGHT???

5. Barefoot Moscato- I realize this blog is become about food and drink right now, but guess what? I don't give a fuck. I'm not much of a wine drinker. I typically go straight for the hard liquor (vodka, tequlia, rum) cause if i'm getting drunk I want to do it as fast as possible. But since hard liquor is expensive and i'm a poor bitch I've started drinking wine. This is the only wine i can drink like 4 glasses of without getting tired of it. It's super sweet and fruity and i can drink it with anything, well thus far.

Okay and now for my 5 Poor Bastards Lucky Bloggers I am passing this on to

Geoph the Fabulous @ The Far Too Important Blog
Nugs (My lesbian Lover) @ That Ain't Kosher
Gemma @ This Fact Might Save Your Bacon
Harley (the Hottest Irish Bitch Ever!) @ No Pressure, No Diamonds
Kris @ Because or Why Not

And Penny Lane gave me the Memetastic Award!

So the rules are i have to tell you 5 things about me but only 1 of them is true:
  1.  My eyes are two different colors. One is green and one is blue.
  2. I can speak German, French and Italian.
  3. I used to have class with Clay Aiken before he became famous (UNCC BABY!)
  4. I used to have my nose peirced.
  5. The first concert I attended was Disturbed
Okay, have fun guessing and now i am passing this award onto:

TSA @ The Tsarista Sez
Andy @ Andy Hmmmmm
Mandy @ The Real Mandy Moore
You're Lucky I Don't Have a Gun @ Things I Like to Eat (... and Other Such Nonsense)
Sam @ A Redhead Named Sam


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