Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Karaoke Ring of Death

Hey, so a bunch of my friends have been doing Karaoke Blog Ring of Death (#KBROD) for sometime now, but i'm just now getting on the bandwagon. This is my first month, so go easy on me bitches. I'm being hosted at the awesomely hot Kit Marsden's Blog (you can scoot on over there to see me make an idiot out of myself in a second).

Anyways, I'm hosting the adorable Amanda from The Long Road Set here. Her writing is so awesome that people actually want to pay her for it (color me green with envy). Anyways this months KBROD theme was Love/Anti-love songs. She choose Wicked Game by Chris Isaak, which I think is a fabulous choice. Enjoy (plus she laughs about half way through, Her laugh is infectious).


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