Thursday, February 17, 2011

Gotta Make the Beef Tongue (TC 8.9)

Okay, so I'm like the worst blogger in the world because i have totally neglected this blog for the last week. I'm sorry I had like real life shit to do for a change. Anyways let me get on with the recapping

QUICKFIRE: Make a unique fondue and the other chefs would be judges. Now i have never had fondue but i've always wanted to try it. Watching the chefs do it just made me super hungry and a little jealous. Anyways, letting the chef decided is both really smart and really dumb. People like Douchebag Mike are always going to pick on personality over food quality, but alas such is life. I do love that they called the chefs out for who they put on the bottom and on the top. Somehow yet again Pissed-off Asian Dale wins. I'm getting really tired of him winning.

ELIMINATION: They send the chefs to Rockefellar Center to be on the Jimmy Fallon show. I love Jimmy Fallon. Personally, i think he is the funniest late night host, and thats hard to say because i love Letterman. He makes them play cellphone shoot out where they have to take pictures with their cellphones of flashing items on a screen. Whatever they shoot is what the chef has to make Fallon and his whole family for his b-day lunch. I love this idea because its so fricken random.

The shoot-out goes like such:
  • Hand of Death Antonia- Beef Tongue
  • Italian Sausage Fabio-Hamburger with French Fries 
  • Russian Bride Angelo- Pulled Pork
  • Professor Blais- Ramen noodles
  • Pissed-Off Asian Dale- Philly Cheese Steak
  • Hootie-Ho Carla- Chicken Pot Pie
  • Other Tiffany- Chicken and Dumplings
  • Douchebag Mike- Sausage and Pepper Sandwich
Okay, i love that Jimmy Fallon and his wife (who is adorable) are big fans of the show. It makes it that much nicer that they are doing a challenge for him, as opposed to other people who TC have done challenge for who obviously have never seen the show before. The best part is that between Jimmy, his head writer Miles and his announcer, the jokes never stop coming. Also, I love Fallon's adorkable use of baseball analogies. If he wasn't a red sox fan, he would be man after my own heart.

The judges and guests aren't huge fans of Blais' Ramen or Fabio's Hamburger. They complain that Pissed-Off Asian Dale's cheesesteak is way too salty. Carla's Pot Pie seemed to be a huge hit. Tom didn't even want to comment on it because he was too busy eating it. Heck, the extendable fork came out for that pot pie.  They also liked Antonia's beef Tongue and Angelo's pulled pork with coffee and dill. So it was no surprise they ended up in the top three.

Also the beef tongue song is the best thing that has ever happened on Top Chef. I dare you not to laugh watching this video:

WINNER: Hootie-Ho Carla

OUT:  Italian Sausage Fabio (I'm a sad panda)


"I've never done a booger, burger- I don't even know how to pronounce them"- Fabio

"I think i was expecting like a smoke machine and laser beams to come out" -Fallon on Professor Blais

"And then the salt monster just attacked me"- Fallon

"I drank a keg of beer and i'm currently intoxicated"- Fallon
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