Wednesday, January 5, 2011

TBR Challenge 2011

So way back in 2009, I tried to do the To Be Read Challenge. Basically what you do is pick 12 books to read in a year. Reading 12 books in a year has never been a challenge for me before but in 2009 I was in grad school and once classes started in the fall I couldn't find the time to finish the last 2 books. But this year is going to be different. With no Grad School to get in my way, I should be able to finish well under time. So here is my list for 2011.

  • January- The Orchid Affair by Lauren Willing
  • February- Confessions of a Rebel Debutante by Anna Fields
  • March- She Went All the Way By Meg Cabot
  • April- Bulletproof Mascara by Bethany Maines
  • May- My Fair Lazy by Jen Lancaster
  • June- Are You There Vodka, Its me Chelsea by Chelsea Handler
  • July- Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang by Chelsea Handler
  • August- Catch 22 by Joseph Heller
  • September- Compact with the Devil by Bethany Maines
  • October- A Beautiful Blue Death by Charles Finch
  • November-Then We Came to the End by Joshua Ferris
  • December-Slaughterhouse Five by Kurt Vonnegut
And my List of Alternates:
  • The September Society by Charles Finch
  • The Fleet Street Murders by Charles Finch
  • Such a Pretty Fat by Jen Lancaster
  • A Little Bit Wicked by Kristen Chenowith 
  • Supreme Courtship by Christopher Buckley
If you feel compelled to sign up yourself, a complete set of rules and sign-up link can be found here


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