Thursday, January 27, 2011

OPEN LETTER: You Sick Twisted Fuckers

Dear People Who Post Job Scams:

I Fucking Hate You.

No seriously, if i could blow you up I totally would. You are single-handedly ruining job hunting for millions of people. I mean here are honest, hard-working people who have to tweak their resume to every job they apply for and spend hours painstakingly writing cover letters all for jobs that don't exist thanks to you jackasses. I mean in the time it takes me to apply to one of your fictitious posting I could have walked my dogs, taken a shower, gotten laid, or done anything else. In the matter of a week I probably spend 3 hours a week applying to jobs that don't exist because you fuckers can't get real jobs like the rest of us. That's 3 hours of my week I can never get back. You should be fucking paying me for those hours.

And really how much money are you making from this shit? Anyone with half a brain knows not to do those credit report shit. Any legitimate job wouldn't ask the potential employee to run a credit check to give them, the company would just run a background check on the employee, which the employee would have to sign-off on anyways. So there can't be that many dumb fucks out there that are giving you all their information. Why can't you get a real job like everyone else. I mean damn, McDonald's is always hiring.

Hey Work-at Home Scams- I'm looking at you too. You play on people's love of working in their pajamas. You are sick twisted fuckers. Torturing us with the idea that we can work while eating ice cream and watching Maury at 11 am. Really, you should just have your hands cut off for that offense. It's worse than kicking puppies and stealing candy from babies.

Job Hunters Everywhere
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