Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I'm Gonna Accomplish Something Dammit!

So I've always had a problem feeling under-accomplished. I realize most of you are rolling your eyes in disgust at me right now. How can i feel under-accomplished? I have a Masters Degree, I wrote a 105 page thesis based on primary resources, I've ridden a 300ft skycoaster, I've adopted a dog (I've stolen another one), I've won a scholarship.... yeah i'm starting to annoy myself with this list. But at the end of the day I pretty much feel like a failure since i'm 26 single, living at home with my parents, and waiting tables. So it's an uphill battle with me daily.

Anyways, because i totally have this issue I have decided i am going to come up with 11 things i am going to do in 2011. Why?- So that i am focused on something and not my fricken pathetic life, you know? Plus, i figure one of these will end up badly which makes for great blog fodder.

11 things I'm going to do in 2011
  1. Finish my novel- I started writing my novel a long long time ago (...in a galaxy far away Naboo was under an attack) but I got writers block and a plothole after 6 chapters and never fixed it. Time to change that
  2. Crochet a blanket- Nixon and Kennedy destroyed my much loved crocheted blanket my mom gave me, so its about time for me to replace it.
  3. Work on my French- thus far all i remember from my French Classes is food, time to at least learn body parts or something useful
  4. Have a Real Relationship- 3 date minimum, which means i can't discuss postmodernism, Star Wars or my love of bad TV until date 4.
  5. Vlog- I mean besides the Karoke Blog Ring of Death, which is going to be hilarious (accomplished 4/12)
  6. Finish My To Be Read Challenge- Bonus points if i manage to finish 24 books this year!
  7. Teach Nixon and Kennedy a new trick- cause they are supposed to be trained right?
  8. Learn and Master a Difficult Recipe- like a souffle, or my grandma's chicken pot pie. This could go very very wrong.
  9. Have a Giveaway on my blog- self explanatory (Accomplished 6/21)
  10. Pay Off My Credit Card- The 500 dollar limit is much harder to pay off than you would expect (accomplished 5/20)

    You will note there is not a number 11. Why?- Because i am going to let you, my faithful readers (all 10 of you) to decide what task #11 is going to be. Leave your ideas in the comments and i will start a poll and let you decide what i am going to do (within reason people). Get to work!
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