Friday, January 14, 2011

Fishing For a Win (TC 8.6)

Lets just start off by saying there was a lot of douchery on Top Chef this week. Everyone is hating on Jamie because she is still there and Casey is not. Everyone Hates Marcel and Pissed Off Asian Dale are having a bitch fight. Also I'm christening Jamie as Jamie-bitches-a-lot, she's like a doll nobody wanted. In fairness, Marcel is kind of an asshole. I find him an endearing asshole, but i could see how people wouldn't find him so endearing.

Moving on...

ELIMINATION: There was no quickfire this week instead all the chefs were divided into 4 teams of 3 and then sent fishing for 5 hours.Whatever fish they caught would then be used to cook for 200 people. To make matters worse it would be a double elimination. Teams were divided as such:
  1. Pissed Off Asian Dale, Hootie-Ho Carla, and Tre
  2. Douchebag Mike, Russian Bride Angelo, and Other Tiffany
  3. Antonia, Jamie-bitches-a-lot, and Bitchy Tiffany
  4. Professor Blais, Everyone Hates Marcel and Italian Sausage Fabio
Then went fishing. Teams 1 & 3 were on one boat, that managed to catch fish within the first 5 minutes out. Team 2 & 4 had a little less luck but eventually started catching fish. Fishing brought out all sorts of quirky things. Angelo won't go swimming in a pool because he's watched Jaws too many times. Dude, buy a life jacket and a pair of balls. Fabio and Dale discussed how their fathers were expert fishers. Fabio's dad was on the Italian national fishing team, leading me to ask "they have national fishing teams?" Do they have national procrastinating teams too? Cause i should be on the American team

Anyways the teams then cut up and cooked the fish. Members on teams 1 and 3 decided to make one dish a piece, where as team 2 (Mike, Angelo, Other Tiffany) opted to make 2 dishes and team 4 (Blais, Marcel, Fabio) opted to make one dish between the three of them. I knew one dish for 3 chefs was a bad idea. It was simply a case of too many chefs in one pot, ya know?

Ultimately teams 1 and 2 ended up in the top, with teams 3 and 4 in the bottom. The Judges loved Carla's bluefish lettuce wrap with bagel and horseradish, Dale's Fish Taco and Team 2's Striped bass with corn and tomato spice rub. Also, did anyone else notice that just about everyone used the same ingredients? It was like all the teams used corn, tomatoes, watermelon and some sort of fish.  Carla should have won simply for having something different.

Conversely, teams 3 and 4 floundered (flounder, like the fish? I crack myself up sometimes). The Judges felt team 4's bass was overworked. They loved Antonia's porgy po-boy (we have porgy at my restaurant, I know that fish well) and should would have won if she hadn't been on a sinking ship with Bitchy Tiffany and Jamie. I have to give props to Antonia she did not throw her teammates under the bus, even though the judges were practically begging her too.

WINNER: Hootie-Ho Carla

OUT: Jamie-bitches-a-lot and Bitchy Tiffany


"Marcel is kind of an asshole"- Tre

"Sitting in Marcel's lap, holding his rod"- Professor Blias

"This is psychological warfare"- Italian Sausage Fabio
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