Sunday, December 26, 2010

SUNDAY PIC: Christmas Survivor 2010

Okay, so its pretty well known that my family celebrates Christmas a little differently than other people. I mean between Christmas Survivor and the shit my stepdad does to us, I am surprised we are not all in a mental institution. Anyways, UNC-Sis and I talked mom out of video taping Christmas Survivor this year, but we couldn't talk her out of taking pictures or holding it at our grandparents house (I have never seen my grandmother laugh so hard). So in all their Glory, this years Christmas Survivor:

Challenge One: pull all the tissues out of a tissue box one at a time, using only one hand
Coyote Rose Vs. UNC-Sis
Lil Miss Sis
Challenge Two: Get four ping pong ball out of a tissue box strapped to your back by jumping

Best Picture Ever

 Challenge Three: Bounce ping-pong balls off a table to get tic-tac-toe in water glasses on counter. This challenge was originally supposed to be "move an Oreo from your forehead to your mouth using only the muscles on your face" but UNC-Sis and I vetoed that.

Anyways, even though UNC-Sis stomped us all in Challenge Two, I triumphed in One and Three and took the coveted Christmas Survivor prize of a foot massager.

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