Monday, December 20, 2010

Blog Swap: 2011: What I'm Not Going to Fuck Up Next Year

So 20something Bloggers is doing a blog swap and I got matched up with Jen @ Life Spelled JEN (Don't forget to check out my post at her site!). Jen has amazing taste in shoes if i do say so myself. Anyways we both thought the prompt sucked for the swap, so we changed it to "2011: What I'm not going to fuck up next year." So I'm going to let her take it away:

Hi i'm Jen. i'm twenty-three, currently finishing my MBA and starting my life all over. back in September i made some radical changes, started a new career and moved out on my own. my blog is a fun adventure of the things i experience and the various loves i have: reading, taking photos, running and pretty much living my life. i recently opened an etsy shop with fabulous treasures i found along the way. i hope you can stop by and take a look and maybe even enter my giveaway!!

In 2010 the biggest fucks up that occurred in my life were cause i didn't do something. i didn't speak up when i should have. i didn't leave when i should have. i didn't apologize when i should have. and biggest one of all...i didn't get my crap together as fast as i should have. 

this new year i fully intend on doing everything possible to make sure that i don't screw up my relationship, do poorly in school and see my family. having a full time job and going to night classes until 9:00 PM three nights a week makes relaxing very difficult. i try to make time for myself, my boyfriend and everything else in my life but it normally doesn't go as planned. 

i want to make sure that this year i won't fuck that up. i want to be less of a neurotic mess and just take a step back and enjoy myself. i'm always going a mile a minute and it can be so exhausting. i want to take it slow and roll with the punches.

basically what i don't want to fuck up this new year is my life. last year i screwed it up royally and it took me half the year to get myself together. i would prefer that not happening again.

what are you trying to not fuck up in 2011??


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