Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Unitentionally Bitchy

I'm a Bitch....sometimes

Okay, maybe more like all the time but like not intentionally, you know?

Okay, you probably don't know and i sound like a raving lunatic right now. That sounds more like me anyways. The thing is sometimes I'm a bitch on purpose, but 90% of the time i'm a bitch accidentally. Its like I say things without thinking, which is why you will get quotes like "the smell of books makes me horny" out of me. I don't intend to be funny, I just say things that are.

Well i'm the same way about being a bitch. I don't intend to be bitchy, i just am sometimes.  And then i feel awful later when i realize how badly i sounded earlier. I mean i embrace being a bitch. I have bitch face, i know how to run guys off, and i know how to make people feel 2 inches tall. But i don't always mean to be a bitch, i'm just one of those smart socially awkward people who people think are partially insane (and i am).

Yes, I am aware this post makes no sense and i am totally okay with that.

Anyways since its that time of year when people say what they are thankful for, i figured i should make my list.

I Am Thankful For:
  • Chuck (Adam Baldwin, Zach Levi and Josh Gomez= best thing on tv)
  • Glee
  • Baby Velociraptor (AKA baby sis)
  • My Boobs (36 C baby!)
  • That i have a job- even if its low pay and i have to whore myself out
  • Nixon and Kennedy (even if they throw me in their kennels)
  • Having the house to myself for the next week
  • Getting wine drunk
  • Guys thinking i'm hot even though i'm a bitch
  • My blogger readers and friends (why do you people like me?)
Things I am Not Thankful For:
  • Fucking cold weather, then hot weather, then cold weather again in the same fucking day!
  • People who finish eating and then sit at my table for another hour, i need to make money bitches!
  • Mushrooms
  • People who don't tip 15%
  • Having to pick up dogshit (what do you mean my dogs can't poop in your yard?)
  • College loan payments
  • Having to drive 30 minutes to get to a bookstore
  • The judges on Project Runway
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