Thursday, November 4, 2010

Under The Covers: Enchanted Inc

TITLE: Enchanted, Inc.

AUTHOR: Shanna Swendson

GENRE: Fantasy/Chick lit

SUMMARY: In her first mainstream novel, romance writer Swendson puts a Harry Potter–inspired twist on the standard tale of a smalltown girl in the big city, with lively if saccharine sweet results. Fish-out-of-water Katie Chandler suffers in her thankless job as assistant to marketing manager "Evil Mimi," worrying that maybe she just can't hack it in New York City. Will her colleagues ever consider her anything but a hick? For a girl from Texas, the Big Apple is stranger than a foreign country, but she discovers that the weird things she notices are signs of real magic afoot. Her "small-town honesty and common sense" soon land her a new job at Magic, Spells, and Illusion Inc., which traffics in benevolent sorcery. "You... are of the rare breed who can neither do magic nor be influenced by magic. You see the world as it is," an MSI executive explains. With her clear-sightedness—plus business acumen gained working for her family's feed-and-seed store—Katie will play a pivotal role in MSI's magical battle against a malevolent competitor. From sanitized descriptions of New York City life to hunky wizards and fairies on the subway, this book is pure and innocent fantasy, suitable for preteens or readers hungry for a cotton candy read.**

ROSE'S REVIEW: Cotton candy read is right. This book is a lot of fluffy fun fantasy, which in my world is not a bad thing. Enchanted, Inc. is not the kind of deep book that makes you think about the world and all that jazz. It's a pure light fun fluffy read that is easy to get swept away with.  Katie is the typical Texas fish out of water in New York City. She sees a lot of strange things most of which she just assumes are because its New York, but then she finds out that everyone has a little bit of magic in them. Except for her which is why she can see fairies and talking gargoyles and people doing magic but everyone else doesn't see them. This makes her very valuable to MSI Inc, who quickly hires her and she becomes swept up in magical battle of good versus evil. Add in a hunky wizard, some quirky roommates, men who think they are frogs and Merlin and you have a very fun book to read.

Sure the plot is a little outlandish, but so are the 800 vampire books that seem so popular nowadays (*cough cough Twilight*). If you are willing to get past that, you will adore this book its quick, witty and fun. I inhaled it in a day and the rest of the books in the series are just as good. The only downside is that the publishers decided not to pick up the 5th book in the series, so you are left with a mildly satisfying ending in book 4. I've read a fair amount of the fantasy/chick lit genre that is become so popular and unlike a lot of those books the plot isn't cliched and predictable and the characters are vividly written and charismatic. If you like fantasy, you will like Enchanted, Inc.


** From Publishers Weekly


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