Friday, November 12, 2010

Under The Covers: Calamity Jayne

TITLE: Calamity Jayne

AUTHOR: Kathleen Bacus

GENRE: Chick Lit/Mystery

SUMMARY: Bacus's riotous romantic suspense debut offers plenty of smalltown charm and oddball characters, notably ditzy blonde Tressa Jayne Turner, who has earned the moniker Calamity Jayne for the disastrous events that follow wherever she goes. One night after working the late shift at Bargain City in Granville, Iowa, Tressa mistakes another car for her own, and ends up on a dark country road with a flat tire. Instead of a spare, Tressa finds the town's drug-smuggling attorney dead in the trunk and an envelope of greenbacks in the glove compartment. In a panic, Tressa goes for help, but when she returns with Ranger Rick, her hunky nemesis from high school who turns up at all the right moments, the car has disappeared, dead body, cash and all. Naturally, no one believes the incident happened, except for the murderer, who's determined to recover the money he believes Tressa has snatched. Filled with dumb-blonde jokes, nonstop action and rapid-fire banter, this is a perfect read for chick-lit fans who enjoy a dash of mystery**

ROSE'S REVIEW: Another fully fun chick-lit book in my collection. Tressa Jayne Turner just manages to find trouble wherever she goes. She's a ditzy blond with some oh-so-stupid moments, which actually become endearing throughout the book. She has trouble holding down any job that isn't run by her family but she really wants to be a reporter. When a dead body shows up in the trunk of her car and a wad of money is found in her glove compartment, she legitimately freaks out. But when her brother's hunky best friend, Ranger Rick, shows up to help her the body and the money are gone and the whole town thinks Tressa is crazy. Unable to not be a snoop (and to clear her sort-of smudged good name) Tressa decides its up to her to figure this mystery out.

You will either love or hate Tressa. She's adorably nosy and can't help but causing trouble. Bacus has some very interesting and clever characters although the plot is a little pedestrian at times. I will give her this though, I never figured out who the culprit was until it was revealed. I find Tressa annoyingly endearing with her Lucille Ball antics and her penchant for fighting with Ranger Rick (when really all she wants to do is make-out with him). It's another one of my light-fully beach reads but that doesn't make it any less good.


** From Publishers Weekly


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