Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Top Chef: Favorite Chefs!

With my self-imposed ban on Project Runway, I have decided to switch to Top Chef All-Stars, which is right around the corner. I have loved Top Chef since the very first season and i always have controversial picks on favorites. So without further ado, my favorite Top Chefs from all seven seasons.

10. Lea-Ann Wong- The plucky Asian contestant who should have been in the final three. I think it turned out for the best since she is now a culinary producer on the show. Also, she is totally awesome since she originally went to school for fashion design and then decided to switch to cooking.

9. Fabio Viviani- The Italian Stallion of Season 6. He was handsome, funny, quirky and a damned good cook too.

8.Stephanie Izard- The only female winner in Top Chef History and it was totally justified. Stephanie was just fun to watch and very rarely stressed out.

7. Angelo Sosa- You either love him or hate him. I happened to love him, massive ego and all. Personally, i think if he hadn't gotten sick he would have won season 7.

6.Hung Huynh- Nobody slices and dices up a chicken quite as fast as Hung. Yes, he has ego but he backs that up with cooking brillance.

5. Kevin Gillespie- Everybody loves the boy with the pig tattoo. Plus he made down home southern cooking look downright dignified

4. Carla Hall- Hootie who! Everybody's quirky Beaker-from-the-Muppet-show look alike! She was definitely the dark horse candidate in season 5, but she was always entertaining.

3. Harold Dieterle- I picked the season one winner to win from the first show. He just had something special about him. It didn't hurt that he is wicked hot too.

2. Marcel Vigneron- Marcel was the chef you love to hate, except me i really just loved him. Mock his foams all you like, he still should have won over Ilan. Marcel had an innovative streak a mile long, and a wicked haircut.

1.Spike Mendelsohn- It was hard for me to choose between Spike and Marcel for my favorite. But season 4s, 5th place finisher will always be my fav. I mean he was fun to watch, could cook and rock a hat. Plus i will never forget him and Mark bonding in a bathtub full of bubbles.
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