Thursday, November 25, 2010

Top Chef: Favorite Challenges

So with the countdown to Top Chef All-Stars less than a week away (commence squealing here) and it being Thanksgiving, the foodie holiday to top all foodie holidays. I think its time to do my favorite challenges ever.

10. Snacks on a Plane- (Season 3) The contestants fly to Newark Liberty International Airport and, using the Continental Airlines kitchen at Newark Airport, prepare a meal for first class. The meal must be reheated and served aboard a Boeing 777 in a hangar to 14 Continental flight attendants plus the judges.

9. Crap Rolls- (Season 6) The chefs each roll a pair of six-sided dice at a craps table in the Top Chef kitchen. They then have 30 minutes to create a dish with the number of ingredients they rolled on the dice (two through ten), not counting salt, pepper, and oil.

8. Beach Cooking- (Season 2) The chefs must cook for surfers at dawn on the beach using only a fire pit and basic kitchen tools

7. Bipartisan Sandwich- (Season 7) The chefs must create a "bipartisan" sandwich by working in pairs while joined by a double apron allowing each chef the use of one hand. Just imagine the hilarity that ensued with people being tied together.

6. Superbowl Chefdown- (Season 5) For their elimination, the chefs, united as one team, must compete in the first ever "Top Chef Bowl," against "all-star" contestants from past seasons of the show. Each Season 5 contestant will compete against an all-star chef in a "head-to-head" cook-off, celebrating the regional cuisine of one of seven NFL teams and using a set of this region's ingredients, provided for them in a "mystery box". Because Fabio and Spike going at it for the fans was one of the funniest parts of the show.

5. Food On the Fly- (Season 1) The chefs must create a dish in 30 minutes using $20 worth of ingredients from a gas station store.

4. Aisle Market- (Season 3 )The chefs draw numbered knives corresponding to an aisle in a supermarket. Each chef has 20 minutes to create a dish using only $10 worth of products from that aisle. This ranks so high for the simple memory of Hung's smurf village creation of cereal. By far the wackiest dish in Top Chef History.

3. Improv- (Season 4) The chefs attend a performance of the improvisational comedy troupe, The Second City. During the performance, the Second City actors obtain combinations of a color, emotion, and ingredient from the audience, creating five descriptions for meals that the chefs are then to prepare. This resulted in such dishes as "Green Perplexed Tofu" and "Magenta Drunk Polish Sausage"

2. Mise En Place Relay- (Season 3) While it has been duplicated for several seasons. Season 3 takes the place as my favorite, because where else will you see Hung break down a chicken in under a minute.

1. Restaurant Wars- Created in the first season, it divides the teams into two and forces them to create their own restaurants: menu, decor and all. It also means hightened drama. Would anything else be my favorite challenge?
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