Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Tales From the Ra Vault: Hot Shit

So G-Fab and I were reminiscing the other day and I remembered this particularly nasty RA story. It happened to the RA I took over for (PreMe). To be honest, if it had happened to me I might have retired too.

 So the building I was an RA in, Ho-house as it was affectionately called (not by me i hated that name), was 11 stories tall with a basement. In the basement was a common room with a TV and next to that room was a kitchen. Our building was the old style dormitory with bedrooms and bathrooms on each floor but only a single kitchen in the basement. It wasn't used all that much but it was used.

Anyways PreMe had gone down to the kitchen for purposes unknown, encountered a foul smell and began opening up the fridge and such to figure out where the smell was coming from.

She found it...


I am not kidding you. According to G-fab, PreMe came into the RA office completely furious ready to punch someone. After explaining the story, she had the glorious job of calling facilities and getting caution tape to tape off the kitchen.

Now I don't know what kind of twisted motherfucker would do this to begin with, because that is the most downright disgusting thing ever. I mean who even thinks about doing that? But it didn't stop there a few weeks later the RA's found shit in the microwave, then poo in the common room, on people's door handles, on the walls. There was like a shit bandit running amok up in Ho-House.

Just for the record, facilities isn't even allowed to clean up that kind of stuff because of possible communicable diseases and such, a special team is called in to clean up that stuff and they charge. So the building got charged a couple thousand dollars for the shit spree. Anyways it continued on for about two months and then it just stopped. There were several suspects but never any proof. Eventually, facilities replaced the oven because no one would use it after that incident.
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