Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Never Watching This Show Again (PR 8.14)

Yep, I am totally serious. This will be the last Project Runway post I ever write. What will take-over for Project Runway? I'm not sure yet, probably Top Chef All-Stars maybe the Fashion Show (even though I find Isaac Mizahi incredibly annoying) but I can only take the bad-judging and decisions made for drama rather than talent for so long and it seems 3 seasons is my limits.

But I am getting way way ahead of myself. The episode started off with the weakest reunion special ever. It lasted a whole of 20 minutes and didn't give me any satisfaction at all.  I mean yes, everyone called Gretchen a bitch but that not shocking. But they never questioned why Ivy hated Michael C. so much, instead they just flashed to her sour-puss "I don't want to be here because i'm too good for this" face every couple minutes.  I mean: LAMEST. REUNION. EVER.

Moving on, then we get to the good stuff. Tim critiqued the designs telling Andy that his bathing suit looked like hair (and it did and it was disgusting). He reminded Gretchen to glam it up for the runway, although is some lipstick and heels really glaming up? He told Mondo to stick to his vision and Mondo certainly did. Then there were model fittings where three of Mondo's models didn't show up.

Then it was morning of Runway and they were all getting ready. Andy put on make-up and some tacky McHammer pants from 1991. Gretchen took a page from the depressed April Handbook and wore a black see-through dress with some granny panties. I mean seriously who thinks that looks good? Mondo looked dead sexy in a suit, but seriously hairspraying his socks in place in just a little quirky. They get to Lincoln Center and everything goes wrong for Mondo. One of his models doesn't show, his Model Wrangler (can i tell you how much i love this term?) messes up his line-up and I thought Mondo was going to hyperventilate about 3 times.

Gretchen's #4
The judges come out and introduce guest Judge- Jessica Simpson. Now listen, i love Jessica Simpson shoes and i have on occasion felt really bad for that girl. I mean the whole John Mayer controversy and Tony Romo dumping her the night before her birthday and the media always going on about her up-and-down weight issues. But sweetheart did herself no favors in the ugly silver dress she wore. I made her look like she weighed 240 pounds, which i'm sure she doesn't, and that alone made me question her choice as a guest judge.

Gretchen's "Little House on the Prairie for Blind Lesbians" collection came first. It was crunchy granola at its best. I pretty much wrote down a string of "ewwws' and "wtf's" for every single piece. The only piece you could even consider me liking is #4, where i wrote down that it wasn't awful. That's not saying too much, now is it?

Andy's #6
Then it was Andy's "Boring Asian's Trying to Channel Aliens" collection. Honestly, I loved a lot of Andy's Warrior Women looks that came down the runway this season. I'm still wondering where those looks went when it came time to create his collection. I know the judges told him he had to stretch out of the warrior woman motif but he didn't have to do a complete 180. It was like a totally different designer for the runway except for his ugly McHammer pants that he can't get away from. Listen, Andy they went out of style and they are not coming back in. My favorite piece next to his green dress, that he showed in the last episode, was his #6 dress. It was fabulous, but it really reminded me of something Laura Bennett from season 3 would have made. I mean: Gorgeous- Yes. Innovative-No. Also, Andy's mom is wicked scary. I wouldn't want to be her kid, she looks like she could beat you to death.
Mondo's #5

Then it was Mondo's "Young, Colorful, Circus Collection For People With Personalities." His collection was fun and inventive. There were a few pieces i didn't totes love like his #6 piece which was a pair of black shorts with a shirt covered in different color paillettes. I kinda thought it was a throw-away look. I would never wear his skull t-shirt but the leggings with that shirt were amazing. I thought his silver bubble skirt, piece #8, made his model look fat but it was still more interesting than anything Gretchen or Andy put down the runway. My favorite piece was #5, an adorable plaid bubble dress with these awesome leggings although i would have ditched the yellow shoes.

Then came judging and they threw out Andy fairly quickly and it came down to a Gretchen Vs. Mondo argument. The longer the argument went on the more it became evident that Gretchen was going to snatch a victory over Mondo. It basically came down to Michael Kors and Nina Vs. Jessica Simpson and Heidi. I don't know about the rest of you but it really seemed that Michael and Nina wanted Gretchen to win simply because she listened to their advice and glammed up her line. Whereas Mondo didn't listen to Michael and Nina about the polka dot red carpet dress. That seemed to be the dividing line to me. While Michael and Nina can talk about Gretchen being "on trend" (on trend for who? a corpse, Laura Ingles, bad vegan lesbians?) or wearability but when have those things ever mattered on Project Runway? Christian Siriano certainly didn't win based on wearability and being on trend. Leanne didn't either, nor did Jeffery or Seth Aaron. The simple fact is Michael and Nina wanted Gretchen because she listened to them and Mondo didn't. And arguing that Mondo wasn't on trend is ridiculous- I submitt this post from Project Rungay as evidence.

Furthermore, it has outraged PR fans in a way that i think is going to hurt the show. I haven't always agreed with the winner. I always thought that Daniel Vosovic should have won over Chloe Dao (season 2), Carol Hannah over Irina (season 6) and I was rooting for Uli (season 3) and Jillian (season 4) over the respective winners of those seasons. But with all those winners I could understand why the winners won. I could understand why the judges made the decision they made even if it wasn't what i would have picked or wore. But with this season is so far off- base I can't even fathom it. Gretchen's collection was hideous and there is no reason she should have won. Its evident by the fact that Mondo's collection has sold out online already, where as there isn't even a dent in Gretchen's or Andy's.

So I am swearing off Project Runway. I have deleted it from my Tivo, unliked it from Facebook and have joined the Boycott Project Runway Facebook Group. I suggest everyone else do the same. That is the only way the Project Runway Producers and Judges are going to get the hint that they suck. It is now officially on my eyestab list.
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