Thursday, October 14, 2010

A Work Hosh-Ka-Posh

I wish i had some really cool interesting stories to tell you right now.... but i don't. My life has turned into a humdrum cycle of sleep, eat, work, repeat.

It sucks, I know.

But i figured i would send out a few little tidbits of whats going on in my life, which at this point mostly revolves around work. Last Saturday we had an employee party because we got 100% participation on a corporate quiz we had to take about out general manager. For the record, my general manager is like a billion different ways of awesome. Plus he has got to be the sexiest manager I have ever worked for. Also, his wife is like supermodel gorgeous. I am jealous of their non-existent childrens DNA. Imjustsaying. Anyways, they like forced us to do the quiz at work and then our store won $250 bucks for it and instead of pocketing it like most managers would- they threw us a party with pizza and FREE BOOZE. Can i mention again how much i love my job?

Anyways the dress code was party like a rockstar which meant i was on Slut level 9 (9 because its still all my coworkers, right?) There are pictures from that night and when i get them i promise to show them. Then I won 50 bucks in a raffle, which was amazing cause i needed the money. Anyways when the party ended at 2, I ended up going back to one of our kitchen manager's apartments with him, his girlfriend (whose totes awesome- I love her) and one of the other servers. We played circle of death for like ever until i finally got my ass home at 6 AM, and then my dogs woke me up at 11. Bitches.

In unrelated work news: We have this new waitress working with us and the only word i can use to describe her is dumb. She's a nice girl and all but Seriously. Dumber. Than. A. Box. Of. Rocks. I'm pretty sure Nixon and Kennedy are smarter than her. All of this would be a moot point if she had common sense or like didn't screw up shit at work. But in one day alone she managed to drop a blackberry peach margarita down our main stairwell (by putting a tray on a ledge we all told her not to), having her thong showing like the whole night. But the icing on the cake was that she was on our expo line (which is visible to probably 2/3s of the restaurant) and she was goofing around with one of our cooks and threw a roll at him. In return, he dropped a piece of ice down her pants and instead of running off to the bathroom, SHE DROPPED HER PANTS IN THE MIDDLE OF OUR KITCHEN. I didn't actually see this happen, i have just been retold the story like 10 times. But seriously, bare ass and thong in our kitchen with the management standing right next to her, where half the restaurant can see her.

I have no words for how outraged and confused I was by this or about how she is still employed there.

Also because i love my coworkers I made them Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Brownies. Which are amazing and also could put a person in a diabetic coma. The whole pan was gone in like an hour and a half. Anyways they were so amazing that now every time i go into work someone asks me to make them again. I'm thinking about charging.

Not my brownies, but they looked the same


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