Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A Very Special Project Runway (Pr. 8.10)

Mondo's Outfit
Onto a touchy-feely project runway episode.

Challenge: Create your own fabric to use in a design, but the fabric must be deeply personal. I give this 3 corn husk dresses out of 5, its hard but not too hard except that you never know what the judges will like.

We interrupt this scheduled blog post for some really ridiculous and obvious product placement. Seriously, I counted 4 separate product placements in this episode. Memo to PR producers: you have commercials, an obvious contract with Marie Claire due to Nina and a loyal fanbase. Stop Screwing that up by making 1/3 of the show about other stupid ass products. I don't see hair care going bankrupt in the next 5 years.

So I'm not one for touchy-feely personal crying moments. In fact i pretty much hate them. G-Fab often says this is because i don't have a heart or some such nonsense. I am one of those people who often boo the family reunions on Survivor, so when Project Runway decided to do it I had to try really hard not to gag. The minute they started showing all those old photos and everyone was talking about their moms i knew we were due to have parental units start showing up. Forgive me while i go gag myself as Gretchen has a nervous breakdown about her mom coming/not coming.

But listening to Mondo's story about having HIV and not being able to tell his parents made me want to give that boy a hug like nobody's business. I mean i actually had empathy for once in my life (G-fab make a record of this for posterity). Nobody else's story made any difference to me though. Lets just jump right into runway, k?

  • Mondo- even before Mondo decided to tell the judges about his HIV status, i knew he had won this challenge. His fabric was fun and inventive and very Mondo and he used it in a way that was interesting. I for one would never ever wear those pants, but i could see how people (ahem, very skinny people) would wear them. Then his top was adorable to go along with it. He was a shoo-in for the win.
  • Hitler Gretchen- For once i actually liked Gretchen's work. I thought the print was adorable; I just didn't feel like she used enough of it in her outfit. I mean it would have made an adorable dress. I could take or leave the pants though, and i thought the buttflap was weird.
  • Michael- I actually thought his outfit was kinda cute. The print was interesting and the tie thing was weird but overall I didn't think it was as bad as the judges seemed to think.
  • Andy- Overall it was just boring. The print was cute, the design was bad. I just think he couldn't get his shit together this week.
  • Chris- I actually didn't have that much of a problem with Chris's outfit. It was adorable and on sale at JcPennys for $45.95. His pants fit weird and made the model look fat and the off the shoulder top could have been more interesting. It was very Cali, it was also very unmemorable
  • April- I don't get how the judges love April's shit. I. CAN'T. STAND. IT.
    She doesn't do anything in a color besides black and to be honest the girl makes me depressed. Of course she designs fabric based on her parents divorce and of course its all about being dark and torn apart. Will someone please give this girl some Zoloft and tell her to get over it. I thought the print was ugly and the dress looked like a bird molting feathers at the bottom.
  • April's dress
  •  Valerie- Cries-A-Lot- Listen, for one of my early season favorites the girl has fallen and hard. Her print was actually really cute and in a different silhouette and base fabrics it could have been something special. But what Valerie produced was boring, unoriginal and ugly. The flap panels made it look like an upside down flower on the bottom and a figure skating outfit on the top. It was just a hot tranny mess. Sorry Val, it was time for you to go
Winner: Mondo

Out: Valerie

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