Friday, October 29, 2010

OPEN LETTER: Pathetic People

Dear Pathetic People Who Stalk My Blog as a Way to Gain Info About People Who Want Nothing to Do With You:

GET. A. LIFE. You are sad and pathetic and need psychiatric care. Reading my blog as a source of info is both ridiculous and disturbing. I'm sure between all the post about: stupid guys i'm fucking, project runway, and the books I'm reading; you are learning so much about the people you are using my blog to stalk. Seriously, wouldn't that time be better spent volunteering at a nursing home, or spending time with people who actually give a shit about you? On the whole, i mostly feel sorry for you because you are incapable of moving on with your lives and have to resort to stalking my blog as a meager way of trying to keep abreast with people who don't give two shits about you.

For the record, I am not talking about you stalky readers. I totes love you guys. I am talking about the people who use my blog as a means of keep tabs on G-Fab, or UNC_Sis or #3 or one of my other friends that i talk about on here randomly. You think i'm joking, right? Nope, people actually use this blog as a source of information on what my friends and family are doing. These people are typically the ex-boyfriends/ex-friends/rejected family members that these people want nothing to do with. So they are using me as a proxy to try and stay involved with them. Which is both delusional and retarded because these people haven't spoken to them in years, and because I am completely self-absorbed and only talk about me on here. ITS MY BLOG DAMMIT!

So please you crazy obsessed stalkers- find another place to hang out. There are enough of you that you could actually create your own self-help group if you wanted. Join Stalkers Anonymous. I don't really care, I just don't want to see your pathetic ISP addresses or location hits anymore. It makes baby Jesus sad.

Coyote Rose
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