Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Episode in Which We Cuss at the Television (PR 8.13)

So we're down to the finale four on Project Runway and I have the feeling that you guys probably had the exact same reactions i did to this episode. In fact, I know you did. G-Fab  and I had a lengthy discussion of why we hate Lifetime about it. Dana (whose totes awesome) from Ducks Don't Quack sent me a lengthy tirade about this episode that was so good, I will be using excerpts from it as part of my blog post. Because she summed up my feelings in such a succinct manner, I cannot try to top her.

Lets begin at the top.

In standard PR fare, Heidi gives the final four their blood money and 6 weeks to create their final runway looks. Then cut to some undetermined time later when Tim comes for home visits. First up is Andy. Now, I did not expect Andy to be living in some shack in Hawaii. I mean Andy seems like a city boy, not a country bumpkin. But i suppose if your country is in Hawaii it's not so bad. Also, i have never been to Hawaii so can someone please tell me if all the houses look like that out there, or if Andy's house seemed like a shack to anyone else? Also, the best part of the entire episode was Tim Gunn freaking out at the those Chinese catfish.

I mean his face.... priceless.

That being said, Andy's family was awesome, genuine and seemed to support him, which is exactly what a family should do. I mean Michael C. and Mondo's family could like take notes from Andy's.

Then we move onto Michael C.'s family visit where we find out that he is not in fact straight, happily married with a son but in all actuality gay, witch a boyfriend who seems like a douchebag and a family that made him marry a women and doesn't support him.

As Dana said "First, did they not give us the impression all season that Michael C was happily married with a child? Then out of left field they throw at us that not only is he gay, but that his parents forced him to marry a woman so that they would give him any support!Wtf parents? But then he's telling Tim this entire story, in front of his child? The hell? Also where is his supposed wife, serious."

I couldn't have said it better myself. I did some background digging (IE Googling) and found out that Michael C.'s family forced him into an arranged marriage at 18. He has two children, a boy and a girl, with his former wife. They have since divorced, the wife has moved to texas with his daughter and remarried, and he never gets to see his daughter because of it. His son lives with him and his boyfriend and the child's mother basically doesn't want anything to do with the kid. It's kinda heartbreaking all around.

Anyways then there was family visits with Mondo, which was painfully awkward cause its obvious Mondo is too wacky for his family. And a visit with Gretchen where she basically went on about how Project Runway ruined her relationship, city, life, etc. Those were so much less important, kay?

Then they are in New York, working on their collections when Tim comes in and says they will all be showing 3 looks for the judges and they have to make one new look to show in two days. Can i just say how glad I am that they didn't bring former contestants back to help a second time. I really couldn't take Ivy Stalin-Bitchatron for another turn and being a completely delusional bitch.

ONTO Runway:

  • Mondo- Okay, I'll be honest I didn't love Mondo's first look (the brown shirt and jumper above) I felt like the printed jumper with the printed shirt was really too busy. But separated both pieces were adorable. His 13th look was a checked skirt with a light blue top that was awesome. I. WANT. THAT. SKIRT. His evening gown was a little quirky and i would never wear it but i could see tons of movies stars wanting to rock that look. Lets be totally honest here, this season is Mondo's to lose. I mean the boy could have sent 3 naked models down the runway and he would have still been safe.
  • Andy- If anyone is going to steal Mondo's Tiara its going to be Andy. Sure, the judges put him in the bottom two with Michael C. but that was just for the drama. There was absolutely no way that Andy was going to be out. I rather like his silver/purple jumpsuit thing. I would never wear it but its not absolutely awful either. His green dress was amazing. I think its probably the best thing in his collection, which goes to show that Andy works better in the PR pressure cooker than some of his competitors. Sure, his bathing suit was a throw-away but he was trying to show range. So i give him some credit, but that headpieces? Those are just a No. I mean unless he is trying to channel aliens on those things, they need to go.
  • Michael C.- Lets be fair, there is nothing innovative here. Many of these looks have been done before or are similar to looks that have been done before. That doesn't mean they are not interesting and cool. I really love the bedazzled pants and weird hair shirt thing. His 13th look dress is very fabulous and red carpet worthy. Yes, his feather dress makes his model look boxy. The argument that his color scheme was too similar is bullshit, Irina won season 6 using a collection of nothing but black and gray.  But lets be honest here, Michael C. could have stolen the current runway collection of Christian Lacroix and sent that down the runway and he was still going to go home. The simple fact is that the PR producers and Bunim/Murray entertainment (the people who make The Real World) decided 6 episodes ago that it was going to be Mondo, Gretchen and Andy in the finale.  All the challenges and decision were just filler to get to that endpoint. Why those 3? Because Mondo is the front runner, Andy seems to deserve to be there and Gretchen is the Villain. They need those parts to be filled more than just giving the people who deserve  a place at fashion week. The show is making decisions based more on drama than on the clothes, and the minute they started doing that they lost all credibility as real talent show.  Was Michael C. robbed? Yes, and it was painful to watch his breakdown, but he did get to show at Fashion week as one of the decoys. So here's hoping something good comes out of that.
  • Gretchen- As G-Fab Said "How the Fuck is this Bitch going to the finals?" The whole mini-collection is a tragedy. It's like she made clothes for  vegan hippies who can't get laid. I mean its crunchy granola all the way without anything good like chocolate chips in it. The brown outfit actually gave the model a muffin top. A. MUFFIN. TOP. ON.A.SIZE.TWO.MODEL! Gretchen should be executed for just that. But that grey romper thing was atrocious, i wish you could see the back from this picture it was hideous. I mean no one wants a large piece of fabric hanging off their ass. I mean its only good for carrying a large watermelon on your ass if you are living in place where you don't own a car and have to walk 4 miles to the store. That green leather thing looked like plant leaves and not in a good way. And when Nina said she liked it, i finally figured out who Gretchen had been bribing to stay in the competition this long. Dana said " Then Gretchen designs the collection from hell, with jewelery that looks like a weapon and she's safe!? Are they serious?  The mini collection she put down the runway looked old and frumpy. It was awful. Plus her colour palette reminded me of dirt, which was likely intentional as she was apparently inspired by all things rural." Listen, much like Mondo- Gretchen could have sent naked Models down the runway and she would still be in. The show is not choosing based on talent anymore, they are choosing based on drama and we all love to hate Gretchen- so it was obvious she was going to stay. Does it make it right? No, but if she wins this season I'm pretty sure its going to drive viewers off in droves so maybe there is a silver lining here.
I'm going to let Dana have the final say here. So take it away Dana- "I am mad. I am mad and disillusioned with Project Runway and kind of think they're asshats. If any collection other than Mondos wins I'm putting Project Runway on my eyestab list.

End rant"
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