Thursday, October 21, 2010

Don't You Know Who I Think I Am

So i love my fellow 20 something-blogger crew. I mean they are like my internet besties. They understand my pain and sadness that i can't manage to break 50 followers. They give me inspiration for ridiculous posts about meatholes, dating applications and people i want to fuck. They, however, also send me internet memes and I can't ignore them. I mean its like putting apple pie in front of me and telling me not to eat it. I must follow protocol.

So This Ain't Kosher AKA Nugs sent me the 8 questions meme and since i am devoid of anything interesting to say today (cause like my real life is super super boring right now) I will be answering them. Unfortunately this means i actually have to be interesting for a change. I hope i don't disappoint. So onto the questions:

1. What's the one thing that scares the hell out of you? (For example: dying alone, oven mitts, parade floats of giant pandas...)
Airplanes, and dying alone in my apartment and no one finding my decomposed body for weeks and like my dogs eating me instead of starving to death. That's just really fucking creepy.

2. If you had the opportunity to throw anybody- and I do mean anybody- under a speeding vehicle and no one would EVER find out, who would it be? (No points for Justin Bieber, BTW, because that's just a given)
My first stepdad for generally being a douchebag. This is a different person from my current stepdad- who i would like to keep alive for the simple fact that my mom can't handle two toddlers on her own. Anyways my first stepdad was a jerk, sociopathic liar, criminal and all-around plight on society. The only good thing that man ever did was knock my mom up so that i have UNC-Sis around to torture. But yeah, he's made my mom's life a living nightmare too many times for me to let it go.

3. Hell, be creative: Choose your own murderous rage (I'm morbid like that).
Personally, I would like to castrate men who have 4 kids or more, with more than 3 different women. I mean those guys that have like 10 kids with 7 different women, you have reproduced enough and castration is the best option now. Also women who have to take 15 different men on Maury to DNA test them for their 5 children, those women should be steralized. Yes, i realize i am not murdering anyone with this but, I still like it.

4. What do you love most about me? No, seriously. What's the one place you've always wanted to visit but never have?
Europe, okay thats really unspecific but I've always wanted to visit the whole continent. I want to drink tea in London, coffee in Paris, beer in Berlin, vodka in Moscow, wine in Rome, hot chocolate in Madrid, etc.  I want to see all the famous historical sights (cause i am a history nerd, mmmkay) and go to all the big cities. One day when i am rich, i am totally gonna do it too!

5. What's the funniest fucking word in the English language (I currently like "titmouse")?
Cattywampus, also Ritual when in conjunction with the idea of weddings and marriage. Like ritual cakes or ritual dancing. (sorry G-fab)

6. If you could describe your life with a song title or movie title, what would it be?
Don't You Know Who I Think I Am. Which is a song by Fall Out Boy, because apparently i think i'm the shit or something and well other people disagree.

7. What's your favorite website besides my blog? (don't you love how I threw in my flaming narcissism?)
I happen to love I'm like super addicted to it. I check it like 3-4 times a day and i have won 2 separate DVD's from them. Dalton Ross is my favorite writer, he does the survivor blogs. He's like a comedic genius or something.

8. If you were going to host a blogger house party which bloggers would you invite and what would go down? (I think we're all going to keep this one in there).
Oh this is super easy. I would want: Sara Nips, Nugs, Danaconda, Dana, BooyaBobby, The Tsarista, Harley and You're Lucky I don't have a Gun. And the events would include much drinking, circle of death, random dancing, torturing Bobby and Danaconda with random female make-outs and inappropriate touching and very intense game of duck duck goose.

Alright, so know i have to pass it on to 8 fellow bloggers with 8 new questions *commence evil laughter*

Stephanie Rose @ Did Someone Say Nachos
Dana @ Ducks Don't Quack
Harley @ Domestic Depravity
Ella @ Ella's Adventures from under the Magnifying Glass
Dan @  From the Head of Danaconda
Bobby @ Inside the Mind of Booya
G-Fab @ Far Too Important Blog
Gemma @ This Fact Might Save Your Bacon

And your 8 questions are:
1. Where have you always wanted to have sex, but never have been able to?
2. Whose one celebrity you would never fuck?
3. If you were deserted on an island, what 2 bloggers would you want with you and why?
4. If you were to write your memoirs, what would you title it?
5. Would you rather have a tapdancing penguin or a singing platypus and why?
6.  If you could kill one person and get away with it, who would it be and how would you do it?
7. Whats one concert you would pay a million dollars to see?
8. If you were going to host a blogger house party which bloggers would you invite and what would go down? (I think we're all going to keep this one in there).

Have fun everybody!


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