Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Tag You're It!

So I have decided that this blog needs a new tagline. It's not that i don't currently love the one i have, but i don't talk about sports, books or music much anymore (not that those won't randomly show up from time to time).

Anyways, I am currently running a poll (check the right side) with a few of my favorite options but you guys read my shit all the time and i realized, who better to help me decided than my readers. So I leave it up to you to decide what my new tagline should be. Some of the ones already suggested:
  • When i think of leopard print i have two immediate thoughts: eww and Coyote Rose
  • I'm bat-shit crazy but chances are you'll still love me
  • My boobs hurt, my dogs are loud and i am going to bed so i can go back to work in 11 hours. This is my life
  • the smell of books make me horny
  • It's all about the meat holes baby
  • Lets take a dip in my jacusy
So leave your comments, suggestions, opinions, random thoughts in the comments section. Tell me how you would describe my blog.


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