Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Project Runway: Lets Have a Bitch Fest (8.6)

Chris' Dress

After last weeks amazing episode, it was only fitting that this weeks episode was going to be blah and boring. Which isn't to say that we didn't get drama, but it was boring made up drama.

Challenge: Take an awful Bridesmaids dress and make it into something cute and wearable. I give this 2.5 corn husk dresses out of 5- mostly because its hard to work with models that aren't negative 2, and really those dresses were the worst colors ever.

Sidenote: I have never been a bridesmaid, so i have never had an awful bridesmaids dress. But i am supposed to be the maid of honor in G-Fab's wedding, so G-Fab don't give me anything crappy!

After the designers picked which awfully tacky bridesmaids dresses they wanted, the show turned into the hate on Michael C. drama hour. Everyone was sitting around not understanding why Michael C. was still on the show because he can't sew/cut/design/kiss-Gretchens-ass etc. Even adorable little Valerie, who has been nothing but cute and sweet, turned on Michael C. and talked about how crappy he was. I mean these people are just the biggest fucking bitches.

Valerie's Dress
In an unrelated note, Hitler Gretchen had to call her mom, because that's the only person who can put up with shit, to get moral support because she was in the bottom 3 once. Wah wah wah, cry me a river bitch. Then Michael D. was all like "Gretchen doesn't have a malicious bone in her body." Sweetie, have you met Gretchen? I've seen serial killers that were nicer than that girl.

Anyways, then Tim comes in tells everyone that not only will there be a runway, but they will be showing their designs in a showcase and the general public will be voting with buttons on which design they think is best. Of course this causes more (made up) drama. Ivy Goebbels goes around telling everyone that Michael C. is telling people that she is a bitch and not to vote for her. Michael C. finds out the next day and swears he didn't say it, he even goes to Ivy and swears he didn't say it. Ivy says that she can only "judge a person by their character" and that she doesn't believe Michael C. Well, I do believe Michael C for the following reasons:
  1. Ivy is a bitch. She has been a bitch in every episode thus far
  2. We haven't seen Michael C. do anything mean or malicious on this show. I mean he doesn't even talk trash about the other designers unlike um everyone else
  3. Project Runway has like a dozen camera operators, and they love the drama. If Michael C. had said that they would have it on film, or they would have people on film saying that he told them that, and we have neither of those things.
Andy's outfit
Personally, i think Ivy was being brainwashed by Hitler Gretchen to spew hate speech about Michael C. I mean Gretchen does seem to have that mind control thing down, amIright?

Moving on to Runway, I found most of the clothes this episode to be rather blah and boring, much like the episode itself. Ivy's yellow top and white pants seemed to be more about the extra fabric she bought than the bridesmaids dress but overall it was cute. April's little black dress with ruffle was just okay. Casanova's blue biker pants with camel top was mildly interesting, just because i was trying to figure out where the dress went. Andy did the smart thing and dyed his dress black and made the cutest top and shorts. I would have totally bought both. Gretchen's shorts and top combo looked like she rolled it in dirt for like 5 hours and then threw it on her model. I just didn't get the appeal of it at all.Anyways, Michael C. made this cute little black dress with lace and while it wasn't my favorite I think it did deserve to be in the top. I mean he had one of the worst dresses to work with, and that back he created was adorable. Also have i mentioned how much i love pockets on dresses? Chris, also, had a completely adorable dress. I would have totally bought it except that i would ditch the belt. Mondo made an adorable cute 60's mod dress that won over the public's vote.
Peach's outf

On the flipside: Peach's dress was a complete trainwreck. It was this awful avocado color (not her fault, but she could have bought dye) and then just styled wrong. She had butt ruffles and a weird racer-back and bra straps. It was just four-ways of wrong. Michael D. got busted for just putting tacky lace fabric over a dress he shortened. Plus it made his already larger-than-normal model look twice as large and that was the real tragedy there. Valerie, who i have loved up until this episode, just lost her mind. She did this weird color-blocking thing that made her models look like she had size G boobs and not in a good way. Plus it made her model look fat and schizophrenic. I mean it was a hot-tranny-wreck, there was nothing fierce about it.

Anyways, i giggled with glee when Michael C. won because that puts him on par with Hitler Gretchen (both have 2 wins) and because everyone acts like he can't do anything right. I mean even the judges were like "WTF designers" with the Michael C. hate. I just felt so bad when he came back into the room and announced that he won and no one congratulated him. Way to be a bunch of pissy-ass-whiny-bitch-motherfuckers! The judges are in charge here, not you. And personally, Casanova summed it up best when he said he might not understand the designs but Michael C. is a nice humble guy. Wait, when did i start agreeing with Casanova? Wait, when did i start understanding what Casanova was saying?

Winner: Michael C.

Out: Peach

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