Thursday, September 16, 2010

People I Wanna Fuck

So one of my fav bloggers, the fantastic That Ain't Kosher or as we 20sb chatters call her "Nugs", has bequeathed the Seven Things meme to me. She did seven alternative uses for condoms which was hilarious. I mean a dog tuxedo, really?

Anyways the seven things meme is very open. You can basically write about whatever seven things you want. Since it was given to me after discussing uses for condoms, I am going to write about the Seven Actors I wanna fuck. Plus, seriously who doesn't want to see pictures of hot, possibly half-naked men?

1. Henry Cavill- For anyone who hasn't seen the Tudors, i suggest you go out and rent season 1. Even if you don't like history, even if you hate Jonathon Rhys Myers- you need to rent season 1 just for the incredibly hot Henry Cavill playing Charles Brandon shacking up with the King's sister Princess Margaret on a boat. It's so hot i wanted to take my own clothes off. Seriously, this man is so gorgeous he doesn't even need to talk. He can just stand there and look fabulous. Supposedly, Stephanie Meyers wanted Cavill to play Edward in the Twilight movies, but he was deemed to old. Such a shame, i won't touch Twilight with a 20 foot pole, but i'd be watching those movies for some half naked Cavill.

2. Zachary Quinto- I will have you know this was a hard decision for me. I felt like i could only pick one guy from Star Trek and both Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto are equally hot. If i could have a threesome with both of them, I would die a happy woman. But ultimately the super sexy Spock won out. Why? Because he took a uptight character like Spock and made him super hot, even with the pointy ears. Plus Quinto knows how to play a bad guy and thats just hard to resist

3. Mark Salling- Hands down, this man is the #1 reason to watch Glee. Look at his fucking abs! I want to lick stuff off of them. Plus put a guitar in his hands and let him sing and i melt into a puddle. He plays the badboy with the good heart, but his muscles, nipple ring and bad attitude had me from the first scene he was in. Also, i like him better sans mohawk.

4. Harrison Ford- Yes, there is an old man on this list. But he's Harrison-fucking-Ford! I mean he's both Han Solo and Indiana Jones. You cannot beat that with anything. It's like a royal flush- nothing beats that. Plus at  the ripe old age of 60-something, he still looks pretty fucking awesome. I'd even let him take the whip to bed.

5. Jason Cook- Never heard of him? I'm not surprised. He's a soap opera actor. He started off on Days of Our Lives (which i have never watched) before joining General Hospital a couple years ago as the adorable Dr. Matt Hunter, younger brother of the hot Dr. Patrick Drake. The hotty that plays Dr. Drake (Jason Thompson) gave his on-screen younger brother a run for this spot. But there is something about Cook's impish smile and those sparkly eyes that screams "I'm awesome- you know you want me." And guess what? I totally do.

6. Zachary Levi- If you have never seen Chuck, well i'm sorry for you. That show has a plethora of hot men: Adam Baldwin, Ryan McPartlin, Joshua Gomez, Matt Bomer (before Bryce Larkin was killed off *cries*) Brandon Routh. But it is Levi's title character of Chuck that wins me over. Levi has the incredible knack for playing the everyday gamer nerd in such a way that is just oh-so-charming. Granted, from what i seen of Levi in interviews and on twitter, he is the everyday nerd that just so happens to be a good actor. I mean him with his Iphone lightsaber application on Leno was adorably hilarious.

7. Josh Holloway- the Affirmative Action Blonde on the list. Holloway was the best piece of ass on Lost. I mean seriously the show tried to get as many shirtless shots of him as humanly possible, and i don't think a single female viewer minded. He was walking porn. Plus, he was sexy covered in mud, with glasses, bloody, being a jackass and even with a daisy. Its no wonder Kate and Juliet were all over him in the show. I'm surprised Hurley and Jack weren't trying to tap his ass too.

.... and for kicks 8. Emma Stone- I felt this list wasn't complete without my token girl-crush. Stone is drop-dead gorgeous. Plus she's super funny and looks kick-ass with a gun in her hands. She's the kind of girl i want on my side when shooting up zombies or taking on evil sorority girls. I'd totally do her.

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Have fun coming up with a topic! Also, who do y'all want to fuck?


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