Sunday, August 15, 2010


Before: Scruffy McScrufferson
So for my 200th blog post i thought it was only fitting that i post pictures of the loves of my life: yes, I am that pathetic they are my dogs.

So in our hot 100 degree summers in NC, Nixon can't go outside for 3 minutes without panting. Like most terriers he doesn't shed and has to be groomed (which is part of the reason i adopted him from the shelter as i am mildly allergic to dogs). Unfortunately, i am a cheap ass who never takes him to the groomers.

After: I has a sexy

 But my mom recently reminded me that we have a pair of clippers that we don't use anymore. So we leashed him up outside and shaved him down. Now he's all soft and sexy looking. Also he doesn't smell like i just got him out of a dumpster.
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