Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Project Runway: Who Wants a Fringy Crotch (8.3)

Valerie's Napkin Dress
For the first time this season, I actually agree with the judges! I know, shocker right?

Challenge: Make an outfit out of materials found at a party supply store. I give this 4.5 corn husks dresses out of 5, because this is almost as hard as making a dress out of fresh produce.

So out of the gate His Holy Highness Tim tells the contestants that the judges frown upon them using materials that are like fabric such as garbage bags and tablecloths. You know with this kind of disclaimer some dumbass isn't going to listen. The dumbass this season: Casanova. Not less than 2 minutes after Tim telling him that he goes and grabs several packages of tablecloths.

Anyways we get to the work room and two things stick out to me:
  1. Gretchen who died and made you Tim Gunn? I mean listen bitch just because you won two challenges in a row does not mean you can go around talking over all the other designers and giving them unneeded advice. Just remember Kara Saun and Daniel Vosovic won multiple challenges in a row and neither of them won the their season. And neither of them were obnoxious fuckers either. 
  2. Mondo should not be allowed to dress himself ever again. I have the feeling critiquing Mondo's outfits is going to become a running joke in my blog this season. Because this week he has not one but two major monstrosities. In his confessional he wore a camo trucker hat, baby blue glasses with no lenses in them (WTF?) and a studded red wife beater. Does the boy not look in the mirror and think I look like an idiot? Then later he was wearing black short shorts with knee high white socks and loafers. Um, Angus Young called and wants you to stop ripping off his look from 1986.
Andy's Ribbon Dress
Anyways, back to the challenge. I was actually pleasantly surprised with the outfits. I mean its like the contestants actually realized they were in a competition. I loved Chris's yellow napkin dress, i thought it was something right out of Mad Men. Michael C's dress was a little too formal but still really nice. Ivy's dress made her model look fat but otherwise wasn't bad.

The top three ultimately went to Gretchen for her garland skirt and jacket combo, Andy for his black ribbon dress and Valerie for her napkin dress. I was in love with Valerie's dress; I would have worn that in a heart beat and the back was adorable. But Andy's dress was so fantastically intricate and amazing looking, the picture really doesn't do it justice.

Sarah's palm tree dress
On the flip side, there were some problems. Michael D's dress looked like fringe threw up on the top and he painted a dog collar and flipped it upside down for the skirt. April's dress looked like she had taken broken glass from a carwreck and used it for her dress. Kristen's dress looked like streamers attacked her model.

Then there were the train wrecks: AJ's dress was perfect... for a 12 year old barbie enthusiast. I mean Michael even called him out for adding fringe and beading to the crotch. No one wants a fringy crotch. Then there was Casanova's monstrosity which was like a totally different dress from the back and front and both were hideous. Also my whole family goes around saying "plush puppies" like Casanova now. But nothing compares to Sarah's dress made from a cut up palm tree. I don't know what this girl was thinking because when it turned the corner my whole family knew it was a no. To quote my mom, "That looks like something i would make."  It was just sad and pathetic.

Winner: Andy

Out: Sarah

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