Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Project Runway: She's a Pole Dancer in Dubai (Season 8, Episode 1)

So Project Runway Season 8 is upon us! Let me tell you how excited i am. I cannot live without some Heidi, Michael Kors and Tim Gunn. I need to hear "make it work" like daily.

Anyways this season, my BFF Geoff the Fabulous and I will be giving you our opinions on each weeks episode every Tuesday. Yes, PR comes on Thursday nights, but G-Fab and I have busy lives so we need time to watch it on Tivo and then digest it. Get off our asses even if they are really nice. Anyways on with the review:

Challenge: make a garment using a competitors piece of clothing. I give this one corn husk dress (out of 5). I mean its fairely easy. They are making clothes out of clothes. Nothing challenging like making a dress out of flowers or car parts or candy wrappers.

So some people got sucky garments. Peach got a knit scarf that she couldn't work with. Jason got a Kimono that he turned into a weird ass straight-jacket. Ivy got some flower-print pants she didn't do a damn with (and sweetheart, never argue with the judges. Its a bad idea). Then there was Casanova; whose dress inspired Michael Kors to say it was something a "pole dancer in Dubai" would wear. I think Nina Garcia actually threw up a little in her mouth when she saw it on the runway. Then there was Mondo- who annoyed the hell out of me but actually had a pretty adorable dress. But who the fuck names their child "Mondo" I mean it sounds like a bad disease where you break out in pustules or something.

Like a typical PR episode I thought the judges got shit all wrong. I loved Mckell's little blue dress. I thought it was absolutely adorable and i would have worn it, side-boob and all! Michael C. had cute dress with pink top and black skirt that i thought was brilliantly simplistic- luckily he was safe. I thought the winner-Gretchen's dress looked like something a 1940's school marm would wear. I mean it was dowdy and old-looking. In a fashion tragedy- Mckell was out over some pieces that seriously would have Joan Rivers mocking you for life.

Winner: Gretchen


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