Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Project Runway: Do You Want to Hire Hitler? (8.5)

Ivy's outfit

So its that time on Project Runway: Team Challenges! I love team challenges because they never fail to incite drama, people pointing fingers, general throwing-under-the-bus and tears.

Challenge: Designers work in two teams to create a six piece collection on trend for Fall 2010. For those who don't remember, there are 12 designers left which means each designer would/should create one outfit. I give this 2.5 corn husks dresses out of 5 just for the sheer volume of drama created working with other people

Michael C. got first pick for his team because he won the last challenge. In a momentary lapse in sanity, he picked evil bitch Gretchen to work with him. Inspiring April to ask "Do you want to hire Hitler?" Ultimately it was Michael C., Gretchen, Ivy, A.J., Chris and Andy on the self-titled Team Luxe (or Team Overinflated Hypocritical Egos). Which left April, Michael D., Peach, Mondo, Casanova, Valerie on Team Lace (or Team Underdogs).

Peach's Outfit
Anyways, so the teams got to decided between 4 concepts that were hot for fall and four fabric choices. Team Ego choose menswear as womenswear and camel. Just off the bat i thought "boring." I will have you know i don't own a single piece of camel colored clothing. Khaki, beige,even tan but camel is just a no. Almost immediately Hitler Gretchen and her trusty lieutenant Ivy Goebbels took control of the group giving orders and not letting anyone else have their say. They decided that everyone should make pieces instead of a whole garment, which meant that no one person's individual style would come across except Hitler Gretchen's.

On the Flipside, Team Underdog decided on Military inspired and Lace. While i was a little confused by the idea of mixing those two together at first, they decided to all do black lace and then actually grabbed colored fabric. I knew from this moment that i was going to like them so much better than Team Egos. Plus they each decided to do one piece individually so that each designers aesthetic could come through.

Casanova's outift
Then drama ensued: Hitler and Goebbels (Gretchen and Ivy) decided that even though Michael C. won the last challenge that he couldn't sew/drape/design/breathe the same air as them and they decided to micromanage his every step. I mean the poor man couldn't even pick fabric without Gretchen yelling for him like he was her lapdog. I seriously wanted to backhand Gretchen for the way they were treating him. Then she gets up at 4 am to write a to-do list in lipstick? She makes Stalin look like an ineffective leader. Of course, Casanova had another melt down where he whined that he wanted to leave and that he was getting fat. Listen, there are millions of designers that would kill to be on Project Runway, so either suck it up or leave because whining about it just makes me want to crotch-punch him.

In an unrelated note, WTF is up with Casanova's shoes? The were little bells away from being elf shoes, and that green low-cut shirt he was wearing made him look like he had moobs (Man boobs). Also Mondo was rocking orange glasses with no lenses in them. Really, why would you wear glasses with no lenses, that's just pointless.

So then it was time for Runway and of course Team Underdog blew Team Ego out of the water. Everything they designed was amazing and I would have bought all of it. Casanova's top and pants were fantastic, it was like the boy finally woke up and had fashion sense and taste. No more clothes for strippers and old ladies! Peach's lace top with blue skirt was equally gorgeous, and Valerie's white jacket and skirt with blue shirt was absolutely adorable. I would have snatched that jacket up in a heartbeat.

Chris's pants and Michael C.'s top
So backstage Team Massive Ego's decides they are going to stand together and not throw anyone under the bus. Then they get called out and Hitler Gretchen's all teary-eyed "we worked really hard and we love what we created and we all worked together so hard, and their wasn't a weak link amongst us and we just ask that you keep who you want to see more from" bullshit. This last for about 3 seconds until Senorita Nina and Kaiserin Heidi start ripping the outfits, styling and general design concepts apart.
Then Gretchen's all "Michael C. sucked and we had to coddle him the whole time and i was just trying to save a sinking ship." The judges didn't buy it and the more Gretchen talked the more she dug herself in a hole. Then the rest of the team started throwing Michael C. under the bus too, except for AJ's who took credit for what he did. I mean everything they did was awful. Ivy's shorts with maroon leggings, printed blouse and grandpa sweater was something no one in their right minds would wear. AJ's shirtdress with two-colored leggings was just a don't. Gretchen's dress was just boring. The only thing from Team Ego's collection that i actually liked was Chris's camel trousers with Michael C's printed top with open back, which according to Hitler Gretchen and Ivy Goebbels they had to make because Michael C. is incompetent. The more that Team Ego threw Michael C. under the bus the more the judges got pissed off with them especially Hitler Gretchen. Ultimately it came down to Hitler Gretchen and AJ in the bottom two. It was like the judges decided it was time to give Hitler Gretchen an ego-check.

But the biggest shocker of all was that after judging was over, America's Sweetheart Tim Gunn came into the stew room and chewed out Team Massive Egos. He said “I fundamentally do not understand your behavior and demeanor and affect on the runway. I don’t get it. I don’t know why you allowed Gretchen to manipulate, control, and bully you. I don’t understand it.” If i wasn't already in love with Tim Gunn, I would have converted after that speech. He was totally spot on, and Hitler Gretchen gave this "who me" face like she didn't do anything wrong.

Winner: Casanova

Out: AJ

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