Friday, July 16, 2010

Tales From the RA Vault: Classes Haven't Started Yet! **Part 2**

Actual picture of my Dorm
So when I last left you, Two of my CO-RA's and i had busted 3 college freshman drunk before classes had even started.  So after the cops had finished up all the paperwork the 3 students were free to go. The two boys actually lived in the room the drinking took place in but the girl lived in the all freshman dorm that was about a 7 minute walk from ours. Since it was 2 am by the time they finished and this girl was so plastered she walked into door twice, the 6th floor RA (6) and I decided we would walk the girl back to her dorm. I mean the last thing we wanted was this girl getting raped or mugged by the catcoons (half cat, half raccoon- they were scary bitches) on her drunken stupor back to the dorm.

So we left our dorm and began the walk back. The girl couldn't walk a straight path and more than once we had to grab her to stop her from falling over. Anyways, the girl is not exactly happy or lucid and she is getting more and more hysterical as the walk continues. The convo goes like this (not verbatim- this did happen 5 years ago):

Drunk Girl: I am in so much trouble, my mom is going to kill me
6: I'm sure it won't be that bad. It's college it happens
Drunk Girl: Are the cops really going to call my parents?
Me: Yep, they have to because your under 21
Drunk Girl (even more hysterical and almost in tears): Oh I am in so much trouble. You don't understand my mom is an alcoholic and my grandfather is an alcoholic and they are going to be so mad at me. This is going to cause my mom to relapse and they are going to pull me out of college. I'm just going to kill myself.
Now at this point the 6 and I exchange looks but keep reassuring the girl that its going to be okay. But she continues to be hysterical and she threatens to kill herself another 2-3 times before we actually make it back to her dorm. At this point, we know we can't leave her alone because who knows what she is going to do. But the two of us can't really discuss what we are about to do with her present. So 6 walks the girl back to her room, so that we know where she is, while i call the RA on duty in her building. He comes down we tell him the story, we tell the security guard the story, we call our bosses and tell them the story and my boss comes over. By now 6 is back down explaining everything with me. So our boss asks us which room she is in and we tell her and they call the cops. Except when the cops come she has left her room and we have to find her. We did eventually find her and the cops held her overnight on suicide watch, before releasing her back to her dorm.

6 and I didn't return to our dorm till about 3:30 in the morning and classes started the next morning. Thank god, I scheduled all my classes to start at 11 or later. I consider this my RA initiation- it was the hardest craziest, most stressful event i had happen.
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