Thursday, July 15, 2010

Tales From the RA Vault: Classes haven't even started yet!

So when I was in undergrad (2002-2006) I was Resident Advisor in one of the dormitories. Yes, I was one of those narky people that got off on getting stupid college students in trouble.This also happens to be how I meet my very bestest friend G-Fab. He was an RA in the same building. Trust me, it was best friends at first site.

Anyways, enough time has passed that I think its okay to share some of my stranger/funnier/crazier RA stories. So I'm going to start with the one that i talk about all the time. When i go to job interviews and the interviewers ask "Tell me about a stressful event and how you handled it?"- this is the story i tell.

It was the Sunday night before class started the next day. My staff and I had just finished checking in our entire building: 11 stories, even floors were girls and odd floors were boys and the 1st floor was the lobby. At any given time we had between 350-500 residents, mostly freshman. I was the RA on the 4th floor and I was sitting on the 4th floor lobby with the RA's from the 5th & 6th floors.  Now you need to know that the 5th floor overlooks the 4th floor, so if I'm sitting on the 4th floor i can see whats going in the lobby on the 5th floor. Also, our dormitory was overbooked, so we had residents living in the study rooms in the lobby.

Around midnight, the three of us are sitting there discussing the last 3 weeks events and we hear commotion going on in the lobby room above us. Two boys are living in there while housing found them permanent rooms. Since the windows are covered, its hard to tell whats going on in the room. Now as an RA, we don't go into rooms without probably cause, and being noisy is not enough for us to go up there. About 30 minutes later this skinny blond chick comes out of the room and walks down the stairs to the 4th floor. She walks through the 4th floor lobby to one of the side doors which lead to the dorm rooms and communal bathrooms.


Didn't even make an attempt to open the door, she just walked right into it. This isn't like a glass door either. It's a concrete door with a big silver handle. She bounced off of it like something out of a bugs bunny cartoon, laughed and then opened the door and proceeded. The three of us exchange looks and wait for her return.

A couple minutes later she comes back out, clips the wall making a turn to the stairwell and then...RUNS INTO THE DOOR AGAIN. This time its the door to open the stairwell to go back upstairs. We watch her go up the stairs and back into the noisy lobby room.

At this point, the three of us exchange looks. Its blatantly obvious that there are underage drinkers in that room and we have to go in and bust them. Eventually we go in to find 3 Freshman (2 boys and the girl) with a whole trash-bag full of empty beer cans. The cops are called, because we have to for underage drinking, and they cite all three of them. We spend probably an hour getting names, dates, and their story. Then we find out the girl doesn't even live in our building. She lives in one of the other dormitories...

The story actually gets worse, but this post is getting a little long. So you'll have to wait for part 2.
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