Thursday, July 29, 2010

I'd Rather Be a Sex Kitten Than a Supermodel


From Urbandictionary. com

Sex Kitten- Noun 1. Usually a young, sweet, cute looking girl, but who ooze's sex appeal and who is most probably a lot less innocent than they look. They are usually very flirty and playful. Hard to resist!
So i was talking to a male friend of mine about girls and what is attractive to men. I'm not a skinny teeny-tiny size two. I have never been that tiny. I'm pretty sure i was born in a pair of size 10 jeans. Women, especially American women, put a big emphasis on weight. Society tells us we should be Kate-Moss-anorexic (and really who wants to do that much cocaine- I mean its going to ruin your nose). But when i was talking to my friend last night he stated that he found me (size 8 and all) much more attractive than one of my size two friends.

Me: size 12
And it got me thinking, I would much rather be a sex kitten than a supermodel. I mean really Marylin Monroe or Kate Moss? I'm going with Marylin Monroe and i think most men would rather bang Marylin Monroe too.I would much much rather by a Playboy Playmate than on the cover of French Vogue. Seriously, it worked for Pamela Anderson right? Except i don't want all of her douchebag ex-husbands (Tommy Lee, Kid Rock? Ewww I need a tetanus shot just thinking about them.) I'd rather be a Jenny McCarthy than a Pam Anderson anyways.

But ultimately its about being comfortable in your own skin. I've been a size 14 and a size 8 and I love my body as both. Yes, I'm curvy but that means i have tits, hips, and an ass albeit a very tiny ass, which is more than i can say for most super-skinny girls. Listen i have nothing against super-skinny-bitches. One of my dearest friends, Songbird, is itty-bitty. You know what she complains about? Not having boobs; she actually wishes she looked more like me. LUDICROUS!
Me: Size 8

The point I'm getting at is: you should love your body the way it is. Sure i could stand to lose another 10 pounds, but you know what I'm pretty happy with the way i look. I'm pretty sure the guys i sleep with are happy with the way i look too (I mean seriously, my boobs are bouncy). You can find someone to love you and fuck you regardless of what size you are. We should embrace our curves; its what makes women different from men.

Also does anyone know if playboy is hiring? I mean I'm soooo not surgically enhanced enough to get the job, but heck if i wouldn't try. But I'm not sleeping with Hef. Old man balls make me gag.


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