Saturday, July 31, 2010

Bloggerstock: Potential Postcards

It's time for Bloggerstock again! This time I am hosting the fabtanbulous Amanda Abella, who is a freelance writer; She actually got shit published by associated content, color me green with envy (but please apple green, olive green just makes my skin look sickly).

If you are wondering where my post is, I'm being hosted by the brilliant Kara over at Chatter. Anyways on with the show:

I am proud to say that this month I am officially popping my Bloggerstock cherry. I’ve been blogging on and off since middle school but just recently decided to take it seriously as a freelance writer. Much to my delight I stumbled upon the epic awesomeness that is Bloggerstock. So without further ado, here goes my first attempt.

I know that usually I’m a general humorist, but I had to go kind of serious with this one.

If you could write ONE postcard to any person (living or dead), who would you write to, what would you say, and where would the postcard be from?"

If I could write to any one person it would be my great uncle. I actually never met him because he was taken as a political prisoner in Cuba for speaking out against the abuses of the government. My family also has no idea what ever happened to him. I am told that he was a journalist and I think maybe that’s where I get my passion for writing.

I would ask him what Cuba was like since I’ve never seen it. I would also ask him how he mustered up the courage to fight for his freedom and speak out against a government that would imprison him. I would ask him what being a political prisoner was like. I would ask him what he wants the world to know about the political situation in Cuba. And finally, I would ask him if he ever regretted what he did, although I am pretty sure I can guess the answer.

My postcard would be sent from Ireland mostly because I was just in Dublin not too long ago and fell in love. Unfortunately, I wouldn’t have expected my uncle to ever get the postcard. And if he did by chance manage to get it I’m sure he would not have been allowed to write back.

A big thank you to Coyote Rose for allowing me to guest post on her blog (which by the way is hilarious)! If you would like to check out the musings of a freelance writer with an affinity for gin and cigarettes than feel free to visit my website. With that being said, until next time Bloggerstock!


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