Sunday, June 20, 2010

SUNDAY PIC: Daughtry Concert

So normally Sunday Pics don't come with text, but I'm changing it up this week. Last Friday (6/11) UNC-Sis and I went to see Daughtry in concert.  We're both big Daughtry fans; we both own both albums. I've been a fan since he was on American Idol. We had gotten this tickets way back in February on pre-sale before they were open to the public. We were in row R; I mean i could see the tattoos on the band

Anyways Cavo (a fairly new rock band) opened and they were pretty good. Then Lifehouse came on, who we also love. Lifehouse's singles make them sound like a pop band. but they actually rock pretty hard. It was kinda awesome. Finally, Daughtry came out and the crowd went insane. I mean Daughtry is a hometown boy; he grew up less than 100 miles from where the concert was being held. So having him back in NC means the crowd had to show him some love.

Anyways, People give my sister and I a lot of crap for liking Daughtry. It's the same reason people use for not liking Nickelback. "All their songs sound the same." Well, duh. They are a rock band, of course all their songs sound the same. Ever heard a a Def Leppard song sound like anything besides a Def Leppard song? Plus, when a band changes its sound then its all "they sold out." Heck, every time Fall Out Boy released a new CD it sounded different every time they were cries of "You sold out to the establishment!" You can't have it both ways. A band can't sound different every time and not be told their selling out. So i think both arguments are stupid.
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