Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Non-Date Date or Epic Fail

So I was reading one of my favorite bloggers, Nando, and he had a really interesting post about Non-Date Dates. And then i realized, holy shit I've been on a non-date date! So i figured i would share the story here.

Alright, to start this story i have go way back to September. I was on Facebook and got a friend request from a guy who was a friend of a friend. Now, i don't normally accept friend requests from people i don't actually know like in-real-life, but i accepted him and asked if we had actually met. He told me we had at a bar in June. Now i remember being in said bar in June with said mutual friend, so i believed him, but it didn't bode well for him that i didn't remember meeting him. From September to December, Facebook boy kept asking me when i was going to invite him over to my apartment for drinks. To which i replied, "I don't know you so if you want to get a drink with me, you can do it in a bar like a normal guy." He apparently didn't appreciate that.

Anyways after December, FB Boy fell off the face of the planet at least in terms of talking to me, which was perfectly fine with me as I was working on my master's thesis. Anyways, he reappeared in late May and then on a Wednesday night he asked me to get a beer with him at a bar on Thursday. I was hesitant but i ultimately said, "Sure, but i don't really drink beer." To which he replied, "Don't like the taste or don't want the calories?"

Okay, STRIKE 1 for him. I found that to be a really tacky and rude thing to ask a girl. It's like asking them if they think they are fat. I, being a smart, pretty, fun girl, was turned off just by the question but i overlooked it. Anyways, the goober didn't give me a time to meet him at the bar. So Thursday comes around and i still don't have a time to meet him, but I'm not about to ask him because if he's that much of a dumbass he doesn't deserve to have a drink with me. He ended up FB messaging me later and I finally relented and asked what time he wanted to meet me or "did he expect me to wait around at the bar for 3 hours for him?" To which he responded, that he didn't know what time he was going to be there and that he could call me when he was going.

STRIKE 2. Okay, what the fuck? What kind of guy asks a girl to have a drink with him and then doesn't know when he wants to meet you? By this time, i didn't even consider this a date. I considered this taking pity on a guy that has no idea of proper protocol. So after conferring with a guy friend of mine, I told FB boy that "no, i would call him when i was on my way to the bar." So i was out running errands and about 9:30, I made my way over to the bar and texted him that i was heading to the bar. The convo then went like this:

Me: I'm heading to [bar name] now.
Him: You're going to the bar alone?
Me: I'm a big girl, I don't need a babysitter. But you are free to join me since this was your idea.
Him: I'll be there shortly

FB boy arrived just after ten and ordered a beer. I tried to have conversation with him but after the first three times I started to tell a story only to have him cut me off, I stopped even bothering. We proceeded to have random awkward conversations between him playing around on his Iphone.

Which was STRIKE 3, I can put up with a lot of shit. But i have no problem holding a conversation and loves sports. If your Iphone is more interesting than me, the problem is you. By the middle of his second beer, he finally started getting interesting and relaxed a little but by then I was over this whole ordeal. He kept mentioning going to another bar, but I had stopped drinking after my first Malibu and pineapple. Around midnight, he decided it was time to leave and we got outside and he seemed to think we were going somewhere else. I kept waiting for him to make a decision but after like five minutes- I pulled the plug on the whole thing. I can't stand guys that can't make a decisions. If they can't decide on simple things, how will they ever be able to make hard decisions- like marrying me.

So i called it a night, FB boy didn't make any sort of move to hug or kiss me, which was probably for the best. I went home to play with my dogs who at least pay attention to me. Was this a date? I still have no idea what this guy was originally shooting for, but either way he totally blew it. I won't be agreeing to another non-date date or anything else.


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