Friday, June 11, 2010

Happy Birthday G-Fab!

My regularly scheduled post is delayed to bring you this public service announcement...

So it is my Best Friend in the Whole World's Birthday today. Some of you may know him by his moniker, Geoff the Fabulous or by his own awesome blog. He is officially old 25 years old today. Granted I've only known for about 5 years but i can't imagine my life without him. So in honor of his birthday, I'm going to give you a list of my 25 favorite things about G-Fab.

  1. His awesome fashion sense
  2. His absolutely insane love life- seriously in the 5 years I've known him he's dated like 3 times more guys than i have, and the gays always have drama. But he recently fell in love with a guy i approve of (which is rare) so i guess the drama is over :(
  3. The fact that we can literally start a fight over anything. Power Rangers Vs. Ninja Turtles... and go!
  4. His love of pageants and all things with rhinestones
  5. His fake lack of knowledge of sports. I mean really how many times can I explain football to him before he gets it?
  6. His hypochondria- No, Geoff that does not look like a tumor
  7. His deep abiding love for Sweet Tea.
  8. That at any given moment he can break out into song from any Broadway musical
  9. His tiny little soul 
  10. The crap he does to his brother
  11. That he can talk me down from any emotional meltdown i am having... and i have them a lot.
  12. The fact that he knows what i am thinking before i say anything
  13. Talking about what actors we want to sleep with. I'm pretty sure we would tag team Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto from Star Trek.
  14. How he's always trying to turn me into a true Southern Belle
  15. His random texts when he sees someone famous (boy invest in a camera phone!)
  16. Our Project Runway arguments, no one gets more heated about who should have gone home than us!
  17. He ate TOFU!
  18. Rate the Waiters at Olive Garden
  19. Getting me hooked on tv shows, granted i return the favor
  20. Random Dance Breaks!
  21. His answer for everything- Do It! 
  22. His hatred for everything Pennsylvanian
  23. That he has to approve all dress choices for me
  24. That he can still order a Happy Meal at Mcdonalnds
  25. That my life would suck without him!
So Happy Birthday to my very Bestiest Friend!


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