Friday, June 4, 2010

Going to the Chapel and...

Nobody break out in conniption fits, I'm not actually getting married. Ancient-Civ-Chick is getting married to her Boyfriend of like eight years. I guess this makes her Ancient-Married-Chick now.  Anyways the wedding is like 4 hours away, so i get the fun job of driving out there for the wedding tomorrow and then driving back on Sunday. My friend, GayJ is puppy sitting for me. I hope they don't kill him, cause clean-up for that is going to be a bitch. Anyways, the driving will suck, but the wedding should be fun. I know a bunch of people that are going and I mean its free food and a chance to look sexy.

Actually my tits
Speaking of sexy, I totally love my dress for the wedding. It's teal and makes me look like Marilyn Monroe, except you know as a redhead. I mean the dress screams look at my boobs, which is never a problem for me cause i kind of think my boobs are amazing. Anyways I've been tanning for the wedding, cause i'm tired of winning Pastiest Guest at a Wedding. I can't help that I'm as white as flour. My family is German, English and Swedish. If that doesn't scream WHITE, nothing does.  Anyways i think my tan has come in nicely (See Exhibit A). Yes, there are still parts that are Casper-colored, but hopefully the dress will cover those parts.

Anyways they're are only two good reasons to go to a wedding (you know besides the fact that you are friends with the bride/groom):
  1. Open Bar
  2. Random Wedding Hookups
Well ACC didn't fail me, she's totally having an open bar. Its beer and wine, which sucks cause i'm a mixed drinks kind of girl. But i'll just get wine drunk instead. However, the chance of a random wedding hookup is like 10%. Apparently, all the groom's friends are taken and the only two single guys there are going to be ACC's brother, who's in high school, and a friend of ours from grad school. So basically jailbait or a guy i already know. To make matters worse, there is going to be at least 5 other single chicks, so the numbers are totally stacked against me. Oh well, i'll just get drunk, look sexy and hope to find a guy at the after-wedding at the bar across from our hotel. Yes, this wedding has a reception and an after party. Expect plastered stories on monday, or follow me on Twitter @Coyote_Rose to watch me live tweet my failures at this wedding.

Bring On the Booze!
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