Friday, May 14, 2010

Why I Am The Worst Sick Person

So I've been sick the last couple days. I picked up a cold from Lil Miss Sis when she came up for my graduation. She's 3; She doesn't really understand covering her mouth when she sneezes, and she sneezed on probably 70% of my apartment. So needless to say, Sunday I woke up with a sore throat. I've spent the vast majority of the last 5 days crashed out in bed.

But i am awful when i am sick. I don't like being sick and it makes me a grumpy person, and I'm already grumpy half the time. I mean the worst people to get sick are men because they turn a cold into pneumonia and act like they are dying. But second to them, I am the worst person to get sick. Don't believe me? Here are my stages of getting sick:

  1. Denial- No, i couldn't possibly be sick. I never get sick, There is no way i am sick. I have x,y,z, to do this week!!!
  2. Bemoaning- *whiny voice* I hate being sick. This sucks so much. Why??? *shakes fist at sky*
  3. Vegging- I'm gonna keep veg out on the couch, eating and drinking in the hopes that all this extra food in my system will make me feel better. *munch munch munch*
  4. Grumpy- fucking shit, LEAVE ME ALONE! Now I'm fat and sick from this shit
  5. Elation- I feel marginally better! It must be going away! I could run a mile i feel so much better.
  6. Anger- Dammit, I'm still sick! M***** F*****
  7. Resignation- it will go away eventually. Where is the couch?
See, I'm like a fricken manic depressive when I'm sick. I should be quarantined to keep myself from taking it out on other people/my puppies (the dogs don't seem to mind so much. They just spend more time sleeping). People should be glad i only get sick like once or twice a year.
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